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April 30 2021 10: 41

Why Pritula scandal in the party "Voice"

There is a conflict in the "Voice" party.

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Why Pritula scandal in the Voice party

Sergiy Prytula is ready to head the "Voice" party. It would seem that what is dead cannot die. But, this does not stop Sergei Pritula. The man is clearly haunted by Zelensky's laurels. Therefore, he entered into a fight with the current head of the Holos party, Kira Rudyk. What is happening in the "Voice" party and what is Prytula striving for? Klymenko Time tells in its material.   

Prytula even spoke out against the current head of the "Voice" Kira Rudyk, and Rudyk herself rebuffed Prytula. She stated that party work is not events in the clubs.

pritula and rudyk scandal

Sergei Prytula wants to be the head of the party "Voice"

Comedian, popular Ukrainian TV presenter and, perhaps, the most media representative of Ternopil in Ukraine. Volunteer and patriot. A lover of aggressive statements about the importance of the Ukrainian language, about the unimportance of everything else. Such a proper patriot of the times of Petro Poroshenko.

In the summer of 2019, political ambitions surged in him, and he desired to become a people's deputy of the Voice faction.

But the Holos party won too few votes for Serhiy Prytula, number 30 on the list, to be able to enter parliament.

This fact did not upset Prytula and very soon they began to call him a potential candidate for mayor of Kyiv from the Voice party. Moreover, the sociological group "Rating" predicted him the second place among the contenders for the mayor's chair.

pritula for the mayor of Kyiv

In fact, this story then resembled a purposeful drain as part of a "muscle game" by Vitali Klitschko. Although in this situation, it was scary because the people of Kiev are the most paradoxical voters in Ukraine.

In general, Sergey is unlucky with politics, but he definitely was not going to leave it. This was followed by some strange statements from Prytula. Firstly, he proposed to raise tariffs for the people of Kiev.

pritula about raising tariffs

Then Prytula got into an anti-Semitic scandal. During a live broadcast on Radio Novoye Vremya, a listener called his program and voiced anti-Semitic insults. In response, to which Pritula smiled, he said that he “shared the emotional indignation” of the caller and was “very glad to hear him on the air in a good mood.”

In the generally accepted understanding, Pritula's behavior is pure anti-Semitism.

Sergey should know that it is unacceptable to use hate speech and discriminatory statements towards national and religious minorities in the Ukrainian media.

Insults on national and religious grounds are unacceptable from the point of view of not only journalism standards, but also the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as the Constitution of Ukraine.

Pritula was expelled from the leadership of the party "Voice"

In fact, he remained a member of the party, but is not part of the leadership.

Then came statements that Prytula was planning to allegedly withdraw from the Voice party and quit politics altogether. Now, he wants to lead the Golos party, changing the leadership of the project at a future party congress, as he is dissatisfied with the way Kira Rudyk manages the party.

Although Prytula does not have a weak support group, Alexander Danilyuk and Pavel Klimkin are on the list of his assistants in this “brave cause”. Team, as they say, winners in life.

pritula and danilyuk

Prytula about the party "Voice" and its low rating

Serhiy Prytula even has an answer to why the party has such a low rating. According to him, all due to the fact that people do not understand the party of collective leadership. There must be specific individuals who are responsible. There was one Vakarchuk and he disappeared.

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