26 June 2022 17: 04

Explosions in Kyiv. Why were they shooting at the capital today?

Sunday morning June 26 turned out to be unkind for Kyiv. The Russian military launched a series of air strikes on the capital of Ukraine.

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Explosions in Kyiv. Why were they shooting at the capital today?

Four cruise missiles hit the Shevchenko district of Kyiv. The Ukrainian authorities confirmed that there was a hit on the territory of a kindergarten and in a nine-story residential building. According to the State Emergency Service, a fire broke out in the skyscraper. The top three floors were destroyed, the rest were damaged. Under a pile of concrete and metal were the inhabitants of the house.

Rescuers managed to save a 7-year-old girl from the rubble, as well as her 36-year-old mother, who was crushed by a stove. According to data from open sources, she is a Russian citizen. At least one person has died, believed to be the girl's father.

Yuriy Ignat, Speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine He said that this morning Kyiv was fired from Tu-95 and Tu-160 aircraft with Kh101 missiles, which can fly at a distance of up to 5,5 thousand km. The bombers took off from Astrakhan. The missiles were launched over the Caspian Sea.

Russian publics are full of statements that the missiles flew at Kyiv defense plant "Artem", which is also located in the Shevchenko district. Note that this is the third attack on this object. In late April, a Russian missile also hit a residential building near the plant. Then, under the rubble, rescuers found the body of a journalist from Radio Liberty.

Characteristically, the missile strikes across the entire territory of Ukraine have increased manifold over the past week. This was confirmed the day before in an evening video message. President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Rocket shelling of Kyiv. Arms supplies to Ukraine 

Why, then, today, on Sunday, did Kyiv shudder again from loud sounds that chill the blood? Why, after a few relatively calm - if you can call them that in wartime - weeks, the capital faced a series of blows?

Today's attack on the main city of the country, the Ukrainian authorities associate with the start of the G7 summit and the upcoming meeting of NATO countries. Allegedly, this is how Putin sends "hello".

The Russian-Ukrainian war is increasingly turning into a war of attrition. It is already obvious that the defeat in any one battle, as well as the occupation / loss of one large city, will not lead to the defeat of one of the parties. That is why the destruction of the internal resource bases and communications of the enemy becomes as important an element of the war as the direct confrontation on the battlefield.

Another important point, which undoubtedly affects the intensification of rocket attacks on the deep rear of Ukraine, is that the deliveries of heavy weapons promised by the West have begun in our country. Remember at least the American multiple launch rocket system HIMARS, the use of which has already been reported by the Ukrainian military.

Whether these MLRS will be enough to turn the tide on the front in the direction of Ukraine is a separate issue. But their very presence in the Ukrainian army has a certain psychological effect on both sides of the conflict. For Ukraine, this is a symbol of the fact that "everything is just beginning", and for Russia - "further it will be even more difficult." Therefore, the intensification of rear attacks in Ukraine is also psychological pressure from the Russians.

The intensification of missile strikes specifically against Kyiv is also connected with military-political expediency. If you want - a strategic move. In fact, in this way the Russian army checks the air defense system covering the capital, and also reveals the location of missile systems.

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