31 October 2021 17: 42
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Elections in Kharkov. Pies, scandals and Dobkin's first commentary. Reportage

Kharkiv chooses its mayor.

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Elections in Kharkov. Pies, scandals and Dobkin's first commentary. Reportage

Today in Kharkiv are extraordinary mayoral elections. 

The elections were scheduled in connection with the death of Gennady Kernes, who was elected mayor in the autumn 2020 elections. 

There are 10 candidates running for the mayor's post.

The two main contenders for the chair of the mayor are Mikhail Dobkin (ex-mayor of Kharkov and governor of the Kharkov region - Ed.) and Igor Terekhov - acting. Mayor of Kharkov

Voting in Kharkov: Dobkin or Terekhov?

As of 13:00 on Sunday, 130 thousand 416 people received ballots for voting in the extraordinary elections of the mayor of Kharkiv, said the secretary of the city territorial election commission Kristina Mishustina

"1 million 17 thousand 584 voters have been registered. The number of voters who received ballots at polling stations is 130 thousand 416 people"- said Mishustina at a briefing.

In terms of interest, the turnout is 12,8%. At the next elections of the mayor of Kharkiv in 2020, as of 13:00, the turnout was 13,5%.

We show in our report how the voting goes, how people do not find themselves on the lists, what pies have to do with it and what Dobkin said in his commentary.

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