07 July 2022 14: 33

War of attrition. Where will everything lead to for Russia and Ukraine? Ruslan Bortnik

Political scientist Ruslan Bortnik about the war in Ukraine and the future for Russia.

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War of attrition. Where will everything lead to for Russia and Ukraine? Ruslan Bortnik

"War penetrates deeply into the fabric of society." This opinion was expressed by the Ukrainian political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

Did you discuss the consequences of the war for Ukraine and Russia in the interview?

According to the political scientist, the future of states, the reputation of its leaders, and the future of peoples are at stake.

About the destruction of the war in Ukraine and the cost of restoration

“The more time passes, the greater the cost of war for us,” Ruslan Bortnik said.

According to the political scientist, the government of Ukraine announced the necessary UAH 750 billion. to restore the infrastructure of our country. But the longer the war lasts, the more it will have to be restored, and perhaps the moment will come when "it will be cheaper to abandon what was destroyed than to restore."

“We live in expectations, not real life. I don't judge people who tell lies or manipulate public opinion. We have "brilliant" professionals in this regard. This is their task. But I don't understand people who believe the same thing for the third or fifth time and want to believe it again. In fact, they pay for it (their faith - ed.) with the time of their lives.

This is the time that Russia took away with its invasion, which was taken away by our corruption, our inefficient public administration, this is the time of two generations, two generations of Ukrainians who did not live, but struggled, existed. They did not realize themselves as scientists, literary figures and so on, - added the political scientist.

War of attrition

“Unfortunately, while there is a war of attrition. The dynamics of the front is not significant, even if someone achieves some kind of tactical superiority, it is still not a strategic advantage, it is not the defeat of the enemy. For example, the capture of Lisichansk and Severodonetsk did not lead to the defeat of the Ukrainian troops, did not lead to encirclement, did not lead to a breakthrough of the front ...

Attacks on infrastructure facilities are intensifying en masse. An escalation is taking place in the missile-artillery terrorist war. Blows are being made aimed at terrorizing public opinion, at depleting stocks and resources for waging war. There will be more of this. The more stable the front, it will be more and more”, - says Ruslan Bortnik.

According to the political scientist, it doesn’t matter where the rocket flew to Melitopol, Luhansk or flew to Kremenchug or Nikolaev, it’s all the same the territory of Ukraine and the Ukrainians will have to restore everything.

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