Armina Khachatryan
30 January 2022 19: 53

"Soothing" from Zelensky and "horror stories" from Poroshenko

The week was not boring. Nerves frayed like a troubled child.

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"Soothing" from Zelensky and "horror stories" from Poroshenko

There is something to discuss. On the one hand - horror stories about "Russia will attack", rallies of FOPs, shooting near the exchanger. This is just the beginning - further, the collapse of the economy, the growth of public debt and the depreciation of the hryvnia, the energy crisis and the pandemic. On the other hand, everything will be fine, from the first persons of the government.

Who to believe and why the TV can become the most terrible enemy of all of these? We tell in our material.

"Invasion" of Russia on the Poroshenko Channel

Only the lazy did not discuss the “Russian invasion” and other unpleasant things this week. And while the Western media tried to heat up the situation, President Zelensky tried to console the Ukrainians.

But on the channel of Petro Poroshenko - "Direct" there is some concern, but mostly they are worried that Poroshenko will not be imprisoned, but this is not their only experience.

Suddenly they really agree, the war will stop, then the “president of the war” Poroshenko will be completely out of work, the person will simply lose the meaning of his political existence, and with him a couple of hundred of his like-minded people.

"Soothing" from Zelensky and "horror stories" from Poroshenko - photo 1

Such "patriots" as Tatyana Chernovol are invited to Poroshenko's channel.

“Direct” provides her with a platform to speak out, even after she agreed on the next broadcast that it would be better if Western Ukraine had remained part of Poland at one time, and not become part of the Ukrainian SSR. She explained this by saying that if part of Ukraine had remained in Poland, the unification of the two parts of the country would allegedly have happened earlier, following the example of the German Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, and Ukraine would now be more independent and European.

"Soothing" from Zelensky and "horror stories" from Poroshenko - photo 2

The fantasies of this woman go wild. She can - she has a certificate from a psychiatrist. And this is a fact. There is only one question - why is she still invited to television? Not only Direct. For example, Tatyana revealed a plan for Russia's "invasion" of Ukraine. Found the place of invasion, it's Ivankovo.

Every guest of Direct, speaker, commentator, presenter, everyone who is honored to shine on this propaganda program, in one way or another tries to convey the same idea: supposedly Poroshenko will protect everyone, but Zelensky will not.

And in all this garbage pouring from TV channels, Ukrainians need to preserve their psyche.

Zelensky reassured Ukrainians: "There will be no invasion!"

Many, against the background of the hysterics of the Western Foreign Ministries, were already fully expecting the introduction of martial law, and President Volodymyr Zelensky in one fell swoop fed the Ukrainians plenty of sedatives called “No panic, everything is under control.”

Hoping for it is far from a panacea. But the fact that the Ukrainian authorities suddenly decided to calm people down is clearly a good sign, showing that they do have an instinct for self-preservation. And they are not ready to mindlessly fulfill the wishes of the Americans and / or the British in the current buildup, burying the economy and, which is much more important for them, themselves.

Bankova is well aware that the protracted acute phase of geopolitical confrontation and trading between the US and the Russian Federation is hitting Ukraine the hardest now, as a country with the smallest margin of safety. What is there - a country in which this stock is now completely absent.

Will such a feint of our power, a signal for detente in the international arena? Hardly. The script is written and will move on from it. “The tail wags the dog”, the “invasion” continues, the parties are bargaining.

The Ukrainian authorities have somewhat softened the situation for themselves. And for a while it can breathe. Plus - frankly encouraging direct statements that "no attacks." These are no, but publicly assumed obligations.

Therefore, let's pull ourselves together, turn on a cold mind and turn off the TV, at least certain channels with noble incendiaries.

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