01 December 2021 13: 24
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"SaveFOP" warned the authorities about radical actions. Reportage

Today it was crowded near the Verkhovna Rada.

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SaveFOP warned the authorities about radical actions. Reportage

A rally organized by the "SaveFOP" movement was held near the building.

The participants demanded that people's deputies adopt bill No. 5866-1, aimed at protecting a simplified system of taxation, accounting and reporting.

Entrepreneurs brought flags with appropriate symbols, and a stage for performances was equipped on Constitution Square. In total, several hundred people gathered.

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The leader of the movement, Sergei Dorotich, announced on the eve that entrepreneurs would demand the adoption of bill No. 5866, which would allow maintaining a simplified taxation system. Dorotich called it "the only opportunity without a corruption component to start and conduct one's entrepreneurial activity."

“Unfortunately, they want to destroy the simplified system, and since January XNUMX, almost all micro-entrepreneurs, almost all self-employed people, have been put on the brink of survival. So we will demand that this bill be passed,” - he said.

In general, the rally went off calmly, though, but at the end the fire went off.

For the past few days, the building of the Verkhovna Rada along the perimeter and the government quarter as a whole has been under heavy guard of law enforcement officers.

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