08 November 2021 16: 27
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Vaccination checks in Zaporozhye: the opinion of city residents

About the situation in Zaporozhye.

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Vaccination checks in Zaporozhye: the opinion of city residents

How are Covid certificates checked in Zaporozhye, what do residents think about it, and are they vaccinated?

Klymenko Time conducted a survey on the streets of Zaporozhye.

Vaccination in Zaporozhye: who does it, are there any queues?

According to the man, the situation with checks of vaccination certificates complicates life processes.

“The travel ban is disgusting. Why are the shops not doing well? And they buy so badly, and here they also forbid to enter there. If masks don't work, then you don't need masks, if you can't come up with a normal antivirus, why are you inventing this muck? Firstly, the technology has not been worked out, garbage, which is simply prohibited in America, is brought to Ukraine in Poland. Are we a trash can?, the man asked.

The man also added that, in his opinion, everyone would still have to get sick.

vaccination in Zaporozhye

“Here, relatives bring people to the hospital, but they don’t even approach them. People are just dying. They brought a relative, they didn’t approach her for three days, she had a virus. They didn’t inject her, because they asked her relatives - do you have money? Not! Everyone didn't approach her anymore. What is the situation? It's just genocide.", - the man expressed his opinion.

The girl, answering questions from Klymenko Time, said that, in her opinion, the situation is critical and everything is much sadder than it is presented.

“All the same, everyone continues to walk around without masks and is not afraid of anything. Friends have sick parents, friends, - said the girl.

She also added that her family had all the vaccinations.

vaccination in Zaporozhye

The girl said that her friend could not be hospitalized in the hospital the other day, because the hospitals were overcrowded, and her friend's legs failed.

Another man said that he thought the best way to fight virs was to get vaccinated against it.

And the young man said that the situation is complicated by the fact that many do not comply with quarantine restrictions.

Hospitals in Zaporozhye

Recall that in Zaporozhye they continue to work on the deployment of additional beds to provide assistance to patients with COVID-19.

At the end of October, it was known that the situation with an increase in the number of patients with COVID-19 was rapidly becoming more complicated in Zaporozhye. Doctors said that the situation in medical institutions remains difficult. Most of the beds are occupied. A significant proportion of patients require oxygen support. There are many seriously ill patients in hospitals. As a result, all resuscitation beds are loaded.

Due to the high level of workload of urban covid hospitals, there is a need to deploy additional hospital beds and attract additional medical personnel.

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