"Nationalism ruined the country!". Ukrainians told how happy they are. Interview

The Ukrainians said that happiness is for them.

Will there be a war with Russia? Who benefits from panic? Poll in Kyiv

Are Ukrainians preparing for war?

Will the Russians fight? Poll in Moscow

The Russians spoke about the war.

Zelensky - 44. What Ukrainians wished the president

The Ukrainians wished Zelensky patience and the fulfillment of his promises.

Ukrainians do not believe the media and the Russian invasion

Injection of hysteria - Ukrainians spoke about the news.

"You should have planted earlier!" Ukrainians about Poroshenko's criminal case

Ukrainians spoke out about the Poroshenko case.

"Prices will rise because the factories are not working!". Ukrainians about food prices

Ukrainians do not believe in the reduction of food prices.

"Where are the weapons from?" Ukrainians about events in Kazakhstan

Ukrainians spoke about the protests in Kazakhstan.

"Do not rely on power!". Ukrainians congratulated each other on the New Year

Ukrainians spoke about the authorities and congratulated each other on the New Year 2022.

"Ukraine of changes is a country of disappointments." Poll in Zhytomyr about 2021

Residents of Zhytomyr spoke about the disappointments of 2021.

Christmas in Ukraine: January 7 or December 25? Poll in Kyiv

When to celebrate Christmas in Ukraine?

Thank you Zelensky! Ukrainian women are outraged by military accounting

Ukrainian women spoke about the military ID.

People's deputies told how they will celebrate the New Year. Poll in the Verkhovna Rada

People's deputies told how they will celebrate the New Year holidays.

"Zelensky and Putin let them get drunk, but they will agree!". People's deputies about negotiations on Donbass

Zelensky and Putin should negotiate personally?

"Kernes had his own charisma!" Kharkiv residents spoke about changes in the city

Kharkiv residents remembered Kernes.

Is Putin preparing an invasion of Ukraine? Opinions of Ukrainians

Is Putin preparing Russian troops to attack Ukrainian territory?

Ban Russians from entering Ukraine? Poll in Kyiv

Ukrainians spoke about entry bans for Russians.

Kharkiv spoke about the results of the mayoral elections. Interview

Kharkiv residents disagreed.

Vaccination checks in Zaporozhye: the opinion of city residents

About the situation in Zaporozhye.

"We need a prison!" Kharkiv spoke about a fatal accident with a "major"

About the incident and aftermath.