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21 September 2021 11: 51

There is no neo-Nazism in Ukraine, but are there neo-Nazis?

There is no neo-Nazism in Ukraine, but there are neo-Nazis.

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There is no neo-Nazism in Ukraine, but are there neo-Nazis?

Football hooligans, who do not hide their right-wing radical views, beat people at the stadium.

In the center of Kyiv, in one of the coffee shops, a shaven-headed barista works, demonstrating a love for the symbols of neo-Nazism.

Why is the law on the prohibition of communism and Nazism only half working in Ukraine? And when will a monument to the “great artist” Adolf Hitler be erected in Ukraine? We tell in the material Klymenko Time.

Ultras fight at the Olympic Stadium

In Kyiv, during the match "Dynamo" - "Alexandria" ultras "Dynamo", in their usual way, began to burn pyrotechnics. Other spectators who came to the football game with children asked them not to do this, because the smoke made it difficult for children to breathe and hurt their eyes.

After a well-founded remark, football radicals climbed over the fence and started a fight with those who dared to complain to them. Moreover, there were small children in this sector.

ultras dynamo

The police reacted, but not immediately. 5 people were injured: one had a broken arm, another had his nose broken, the rest had bruises and bruises.

There is no word on the detained fans. Apparently, the police have no questions for aggressive ultras. Were the fighters separated and released?

What are the groups of football fans in Ukraine, a secret has not been a secret for a long time. These people openly demonstrate their extremist views. Nazi symbols and slogans in the stands of Ukrainian stadiums have long become commonplace.

neo-Nazism in Ukraine

“Siegheil, Rudolf Hess, Hitler Youth, SS” is a typical chant of the Kyiv ultras.

For such an audience, professing right-wing radical, neo-Nazi views, there are even special establishments in Kyiv - coffee houses.

Skinhead neo-Nazi in a Kyiv coffee shop

Last weekend, a shaven-headed barista was spotted in a coffee shop in Kyiv serving customers in Russian, but wearing a sweater with Nazi symbols on it.

neo-Nazism in Ukraine

“Coffee with a touch of neo-Nazism. An employee of GreenKava in the capital’s Pushkin Park demonstrates to customers a Celtic cross and the slogan – White Pride World Wide, a well-known symbol of racists and neo-Nazis,” an outraged Kiev resident wrote on Facebook.

But sometimes in Ukraine, a demonstration of love for Nazism turns into trouble. So in Odessa, a garbage can was thrown at a lover of the Third Reich, and then thrown to the ground.

This young lady is a well-known Odessa party girl. Educated in a modern Ukrainian school, she passionately loves Hitler and reveres the ideology of Nazism. The girl pricked herself with a swastika, just above her chest. She is doing well, she escaped with minor abrasions and bruises.

neo-Nazism in Ukraine

Law on the prohibition of communist and Nazi symbols in Ukraine

After the Maidan, a law was solemnly adopted in Ukraine "on the ban on communist and Nazi symbols". And the law is effective, but only half.

Ukrainian cities and villages were thoroughly cleared of the Soviet communist heritage. By August 2017, as part of decommunization, more than two thousand monuments to Lenin were dismantled in Ukraine. Titanic work, worked tirelessly.

However, after all the Ilyichs were knocked down, a reasonable question arose among the people: what about the fight against the symbols of Nazism?

No way! Last spring, on the eve of Victory Day, the march in honor of the SS division "Galicia".

Absolutely legally, with the permission of the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko, nationalists "zigged" in the very center of the Ukrainian capital.

There is no neo-Nazism in Ukraine, but are there neo-Nazis? - photo 5

The Ukrainian government continues to assert that there is no neo-Nazism in Ukraine, that the zigzagging people are simply waving their hands at their buddies.

Who would have thought that in a country that defeated Nazism under the banner of communism, they would ban the banner of communism and begin to flirt with Nazism.

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