03 November 2021 16: 23
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"We are not animals, cancel the certification!". Rally of "anti-vaccinators" in Kyiv. Reportage

Kyiv is blocked.

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We are not animals, cancel the certification!. Rally of anti-vaccinators in Kyiv. Reportage

Several thousand opponents of the current coronavirus vaccination and lockdown restrictions took to the streets today to protest in Kyiv. They blocked the government quarter and held a rally near the Rada.

Opponents of vaccination against COVID-19 began to gather under the parliament building from 8:00.

Those who came to the rally were holding posters calling on the authorities to lift quarantine restrictions and forced vaccination.

Kyiv vaccination

The organizers of the protest rally near the Verkhovna Rada complained about law enforcement officers who blocked buses with rally participants.

"We are already forbidden to hold peaceful meetings, they are forbidden to express our opinion, they are forbidden to move around our country, they are forbidden to buy or sell something without the" mark of the beast. We will not be silent, " protest organizers say.

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