Can the war in Ukraine become nuclear?

Sixty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world is once again on the brink of nuclear war. And now everyone is worried about one question - will Putin go for broke.

The largest methane leak in history: an accident at the Nord Stream could lead to a large-scale climate disaster

Analysts do not name the exact amount of losses, however, they say that the forecasts are very disappointing.

American officials under the guise of "democracy" unleash wars, rob and impose censorship

American political scientist Emily Finlay compares the substitution of democratic values ​​in the United States with Orwell's novel "1984" and its slogan "War is peace, freedom is slavery."

We live in a new world disorder, we need to "repair" society in the West

The information revolution has led to the fact that there are many means to find out and verify the facts, but the concept of truth is "thrown into the trash."

European markets and energy security undermined by sanctions against Russia

The inflation rate in Europe, in particular in the UK and Germany, is higher than in Mexico.

Ukraine has only three months to prevent the betrayal of the West

The British colonel believes that Western partners can betray Ukraine and let Russia win.

Who will win in a nuclear war between the US and Russia?

Scientists analyzed the consequences of a nuclear winter and found out who has the greatest chance of surviving.

Western bans on issuing visas to Russians will not justify the hopes of Ukraine

The attempts of some European countries to completely "close their doors to the Russians" are reminiscent of "an exercise in collective punishment."

Support for Ukraine is becoming more and more "expensive" for Europe

Behind the external demonstration of the consensus of the EU countries, there is growing tension, in particular, in the question of how to relate to the war in Ukraine.

If the war is not ended, Ukraine may disappear from the map, or a third world war will begin.

According to the American economist, the war began because the United States insisted on the expansion of NATO to the east.

Anti-Russian sanctions do more harm to the West than to the Russian Federation

While Russia continues to pay a high military price for its invasion of Ukraine, things are different on the economic front, according to Western media.

Not everything is so simple: Draghi's resignation may break the unity of the West in relation to Ukraine

Mario Draghi's resignation as Italy's prime minister may seem like a minor event on the world stage, but it's not, analysts say.

War of attrition. Where will everything lead to for Russia and Ukraine? Ruslan Bortnik

Political scientist Ruslan Bortnik about the war in Ukraine and the future for Russia.

Ukrainian skiers abandoned the marathon at the Beijing Olympics

The Ukrainian team did not compete on the last day of the Olympics.

Ukraine does not have a serious motive for the forceful solution of the conflict in Donbass

It is not profitable for Kyiv to use a forceful scenario to resolve the conflict in Donbass.

Dope after dope! Russian woman Valiyeva "destroyed", Ukrainian woman Gunko removed

The results of figure skating and the new doping scandal of the Beijing Olympics.

Silver Abramenko and a new doping scandal. News of the Beijing Olympics

The first medal of the Ukrainian team at the Olympics in Beijing.

Beijing Olympics News: Figure Skating Scandal Continues

The team hopes for a successful freestyle performance.

Ukraine at the Olympics and the new history of Ukrainian bobsleigh

The Ukrainian team for the first time started in the bobsleigh competition.

Equator of the Olympics without medals. Ukrainians have to "hope for a miracle"

Why Ukrainian hopes are not justified and our team is still without the coveted medals?