30 November 2021 16: 20
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Large-scale rally of FOPs on Bankovaya. Full report

FOPs came to the president.

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Large-scale rally of FOPs on Bankovaya. Full report

A large-scale rally of entrepreneurs was held near the Rada and the Office of the President.

These were not representatives of SaveFOP, but other organizations.

Those who came protested against plans to increase taxes and fees. We talked to the protesters and found out how much taxes they pay and what exactly they demand from President Zelensky. We show in our report.

Entrepreneurs chanted: “President, don’t kill small business”, “President, keep your word”, “Let’s protect the simplified system, protect business”, “If you don’t hear FOPs, you lose your rating”, etc.

The entrepreneurs threatened to continue the protests and next time they would come with tires. The next rally is scheduled for December 15th.

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