Pavel Kukharkin
10 November 2021 20: 48

NAVI team won $1 million. Zelensky has already congratulated, but there is a catch

So Ukrainians or Russians?

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NAVI team won $1 million. Zelensky has already congratulated, but there is a catch

While petitions are being created on the website of the President of Ukraine to ban entry for Russian citizens, while sanctions are being imposed on artists, films are being banned, stars are being “baited” for their performances, and athletes are being forced to apologize, the world still lives by different rules.

The eSports team NAVI won the main world tournament in the Counter-Strike computer game. Prize 1 million dollars.

new team

And then a competition began between the Ukrainian and Russian media. Some write that the Russian team won, while others - the Ukrainian team.

The NAVI team is based in Ukraine, although the first patron is a citizen of Kazakhstan and there have always been people with different citizenships in the team. The composition of the winners is three guys from Russia and two from Ukraine.

But as they say: "Victory has many fathers, but defeat is always an orphan." That is what happened in this situation.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has already rushed to congratulate NAVI on the victory and thanked them for glorifying Ukraine in the world. So what's wrong? Pavel Kukharkin talks in the new issue of "Burned".


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