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How are Poroshenko, Lyashko, Yarosh, Bereza and Tyagnibok fighting Russia?

Ukrainian politicians during the war, where are they?

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How are Poroshenko, Lyashko, Yarosh, Bereza and Tyagnibok fighting Russia?

We continue to be interested in how Ukrainian “patriotic” politicians of military age met the war, what they are doing now, and also which of them managed to get to the front.

We have already made an analysis ofhow and how ex-officials live in wartime. By the way, the video has already gained almost a million views.

Today we will start with ex-president Petro Poroshenko. He, in general, is not obliged to enroll in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, since he has the status of a People's Deputy of Ukraine. But still, Petr Alekseevich remains true to himself and recently launched a promotion that can be called "I and the front."Poroshenko at the front

True, if you look at the details of the photos and videos he publishes, then they contain a prohibitively lot of absurdities. In the next video, the camera zooms in on Poroshenko’s sad face, it is clear that his soul hurts a lot for Ukraine, and to the sad music, the ex-president gets into the Gelendvagen, the cost of which exceeds $100.

In other photos, the "hetman" poses resolutely in a bulletproof vest, in which there is not a single protective plate. So it is known that Poroshenko's call sign is "Romeo".

Poroshenko Romeo

However, much more interesting is another question. Poroshenko's sons of draft age, thirty-seven-year-old Aleksey and twenty-one-year-old Mikhail, for some reason never made it to the front.

Remember Mikhail Poroshenko?

As for Oleksiy Poroshenko, according to the family legend, in 2014 he served as a mortar man under a false name in the Donbass. True, for all these years no one has managed to find his colleagues.

Remember this story? He served in the 40th battalion, Kirovograd. He was a mortar commander and served in a battery, which was literally 200 meters from the headquarters in Kramatorsk.

He ate separately from the soldiers, lived separately from the soldiers. At the headquarters together with the then Minister Valery Geletey. Moreover, together with the minister, he was guarded by twenty special forces. He was mobilized, and then in September he left to run for deputies, and when he became a deputy, he resigned. This is where the epic battle story of Alexei Poroshenko ended.

Of course, then Poroshenko Sr. did not just send his son to the ATO zone. It was a kind of move, an attempt to earn the trust of the Ukrainian soldiers and hide from subsequent attacks. Although, most likely, at that time he himself could not predict the further development of events in the east of Ukraine. But uncomfortable questions have already been asked.

Alexey Poroshenko

Now the children of the ex-president are in Britain, and sparingly maintain their social pages. Aleksey on Facebook published the last post on March 5, while all his posts are exclusively in English.

How are Poroshenko, Lyashko, Yarosh, Bereza and Tyagnibok fighting Russia? - photo 5

Oleg Lyashko. Where is he?

It is also not very clear what the main, excuse me, the country's "beast" and ex-people's deputy radical Oleg Lyashko is doing now.

At the end of April, he got into an accident with the participation of an SBU officer, made a scandal, but then something changed in that story, and Lyashko wrote a statement to be sent to the front.

But did he get there? This question raises many doubts.

oleg lyashko where is he

Oleg actively maintains pages on social networks, laments the closure of Akhmetov’s TV channels, even calls it “debilism of the authorities”, worries about the resignation of Boris Johnson, recalls the anniversary of Novodvorskaya’s death, and simply screams at the sight of burning fields.

“Burn our Khlib. Type of Russian shelling. Bread to burn!”, - he does not find a place for himself.

But there is not a single photograph of him in camouflage, a trench, and, in general, on the front line. Although it is possible, Lyashko is in a top-secret unit and cannot allow the enemy to know his geolocation.

Borislav Bereza in camouflage uniform

Another ex-deputy Borislav Bereza, on the contrary, regularly posts photos in camouflage and with weapons, claiming that he is taking part in the battles.

At the same time, on which particular sector of the front, he does not say, believing that it is the primary goal for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

borisla birch

We only note that Borislav shows unique abilities, at the same time fighting, and at the same time managing to actively maintain his social networks. For example, on July 13 from 07:31 to 12:20, i.e. in 5 hours, Bereza managed to place 15 messages in his Tg-channel, each of which has at least one author's comment, and some of them are quite voluminous. Even for a news journalist, this is a very good indicator, but for an active participant in the hostilities, Bereza demonstrates the abilities of Julius Caesar.

Oleg Tyagnibok. Where did he disappear to? 

It is not entirely clear what the leader of the Svoboda party Oleg Tyagnibok is doing now. On Facebook, he has some pictures in camouflage, but then again, fishermen also wear camouflage, so the presence of a uniform does not yet indicate that a person is at the front. At the same time, most of Tyagnibok's posts are the direct speech of those fighting at the front, but what the main "Svoboda" himself does is not completely clear.

oleg tyagnibok

Oleg Tyagnibok - far right

However, a number of ex-VIPs still seem to be really at the front. This can be said about Mikhail Gavrilyuk, better known as "Cossack Gavrilyuk", and Dmitry Yarosh.

Gavrilyuk, it seems, has been fighting since February and, judging by the photo, he took part in the battles in the Kiev direction. Where he is now, for obvious reasons - is not reported


Dmitry Yarosh is clearly at the front. In his social networks, after the victory, he dreams of completely and completely leaving all military and political activities. He wants to garden and mow the grass.


Like Gavrilyuk, Yarosh rarely updates his social media, but from what you can read and see there, it's safe to assume they're in a war zone.

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