11 November 2021 12: 59
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Kharkiv spoke about the results of the mayoral elections. Interview

Kharkiv residents disagreed.

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Kharkiv spoke about the results of the mayoral elections. Interview

In Kharkiv, on October 31, mayoral elections were held.

The local election commission chose Igor Terekhov as the winner. He received more than 50% of the votes. Mikhail Dobkin finished the race in second place with just over 28% of the vote. Meanwhile, observers announced falsifications at some polling stations in favor of Terekhov.

How fair were the elections of the mayor of Kharkiv - we asked the Kharkiv residents themselves. Shown in our survey.

Kharkiv residents about the mayoral elections 

The Kharkiv woman said that there were all worthy candidates, and she made her choice, but she does not know about falsifications.

Kharkiv new mayor

The man, on the contrary, believes that there were falsifications at the polling stations.

“Most likely there were, because we voted for Dobkin, and in general, how many I ask everyone, everyone voted for Dobkin. I know that the whole communal apartment was ordered by order ... Let Dobkin fight and sue the courts ”, said the man.

Young people answered that they voted for Igor Terekhov, because they saw him at various events, saw how he opened parks.

Kharkiv poll

Another man said that, in his opinion, Terekhov won naturally.

Another young Kharkiv resident said that he had not voted, but if he had voted, then for Mikhail Dobkin. According to him, Dobkin is more of a Kharkovite than Terekhov.

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