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20 May 2021 20: 29

Fake plane and correspondence with the "killer". Results of Zelensky's press conference

Summing up the results of Zelensky's press conference against the backdrop of the same aircraft that secretly transports fighter jets around the world.

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Fake plane and correspondence with the killer. Results of Zelensky's press conference

Today, May 20, is two years since Volodymyr Zelensky took office as President of Ukraine. On this occasion, a large press conference was held with summing up the results of the work. So is there anything to declare with victory? Why did the president reveal the secret of personal correspondence? We tell in the material Klymenko Time.

The Antonov plant was chosen as the meeting place for the President and journalists. The one that until recently produced the best aircraft in Europe. In Soviet times, up to 20 per month, and after the events on the Maidan, he switched to the production of plastic windows.

In the hangar, against the backdrop of an old plane, Zelensky began his benefit performance. Meanwhile, a group of nationalists pulled up to the main entrance to the plant, having their own questions for the president.

Fake plane and correspondence with the killer. Results of Zelensky's press conference - photo 1

Zelensky began with vivid metaphors. He declared that he wanted to raise Ukraine in the same way that Antonov planes rise. And it does not matter that since 2016 they have not actually been raised, but only repaired. And then, rarely.

Factory "Antonov" its last production aircraft was produced in 2016. New ones are not produced. No money, no orders. And the fact that Zelensky boasted that the state ordered new planes from Antonov does not mean that they will leave the assembly line.

But this is not the only problem of the Ukrainian aircraft industry. Right at the press conference there was an unpleasant embarrassment.

It turned out that our president was answering journalists' questions against the background of the An-124 aircraft, which just the day before had fallen into a smuggling scandal. The plane of this particular model, according to the information of Radio Liberty, was carrying contraband from Belarus to Serbia.

Allegedly, MiG-29 fighters were illegally transported to the European Union on a Ukrainian plane.

Zelensky spoke about the fight against the oligarchs

Goal #1, stated by Zelensky, is to get rid of the pernicious influence of the oligarchs. And the oligarchs, according to the president, are already losing influence.

But according to the Forbes publication, only over the past year, 100 of the richest people in Ukraine increased their fortune by 42%. Rinat Akhmetov, according to the same version of Forbes, got rich almost three times under Zelensky.

Fake plane and correspondence with the killer. Results of Zelensky's press conference - photo 2

Zelensky was asked when he would end the war in Donbas. Two years ago, our president promised to make every effort and quickly solve the main problem in Ukraine. For him, it was a top priority. Today, two years later, Zelensky reiterated that this is his top priority.

Zelensky criticized EU leaders Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel for gradually reducing sanctions pressure on Russia. And this noticeably prevents Ukraine from squeezing out the "aggressor" from the territory of Ukraine.

Zelensky about Sheremet case 

After a journalist's question about the progress of the investigation into the murder of Pavel Sheremet, President Zelensky admitted that he personally corresponded with Yana Dugar, a defendant in a criminal case suspected of Sheremet's murder.

It turns out that the President of Ukraine is in personal correspondence with the alleged criminal, who, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is involved in one of the most high-profile murders of recent times. Why does Zelensky need such correspondence?

In order to keep abreast of the matter, the president replied.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized that under him, the independence of Ukraine has significantly strengthened. And on the 30th anniversary of Independence, he plans to organize a large-scale military parade not only on land, but also at sea: "In Odessa, in the Dnieper, and in Ukraine."

In addition, our president said that he completely stopped communicating with his predecessor, Petro Poroshenko. The latter allegedly called Zelensky and wanted to meet, but Zelensky refused to give the "hetman" a whistleblower.

Zelensky called himself "Poroshenko's verdict." However, to a clarifying question, why is Pyotr Alekseevich not in the courtroom, Vladimir Aleksandrovich answered something like this: God's judgment will punish him!

In addition, it should be noted how rapidly Zelensky's communication format with the press is degrading. First press conference - social dining room, 14 hours non-stop, hoarse, no filters and no censorship.

Fake plane and correspondence with the killer. Results of Zelensky's press conference - photo 3

The second press conference - Mariinsky Park, already much more strictly, objectionable journalists were not given the opportunity to open their mouths.

And here's today's press conference. Security facility, a huge plane behind, few journalists, three times as many security guards.

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