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25 March 2021 23: 14

Cancel Donbass! Motherland - decommunize! Ukraine is about to change

Decommunization is reaching a new level. The Institute of National Memory wants to decommunize the Motherland Monument. And the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council decided to cancel the Donbass. Allegedly, there is no Donbass, it's all Soviet and Russian propaganda.

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Cancel Donbass! Motherland - decommunize! Ukraine is about to change

Why did they abolish “red diplomas” in Ukraine and is there anything left in our country that is not the brainchild of Moscow propaganda? Klymenko Time tells what will change in Ukraine next year. 

Monument to the Motherland is decommunized

A year later, Kyiv will begin to decommunize "Motherland" - the largest and most famous monument in Ukraine, symbolizing the strength of the spirit and victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The monumental sculpture saw the light back in 1981, on Victory Day. Comrade Brezhnev personally opened "Motherland".

And in 2022, the Ukrainian "patriots" decided to decommunize the symbol of the Great Victory, one of the main attractions of Kyiv. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Anton Drobovich.

Anton Drobovich about motherland

But Drobovich bashfully keeps silent that the decommunization of the monument will take about the same time as it was built - "Motherland". In money it will be even more expensive. It turned out to be faster and cheaper to build a grandiose steel monument 102 meters high and weighing 450 tons than to decommunize.

Drobovich also promised to decommunize the Paton Bridge and the monument to Shchors.

As for the "Motherland", the Ukrainian liberals, unlike the national patriots, want not only to decommunize the iconic monument, but also to make it more tolerant.

On June 22 last year, LGBT activists held an Equality March. Above the monument, symbolizing victory in the most terrible war, hung - with the help of a special drone - a rainbow flag of homosexuals.

Of course, there was a scandal. What happened was perceived by many as blasphemy and a mockery of the memory of tens of millions of victims. It is important to note that the rainbow flag fluttered on the day the Great Patriotic War began.

NSDC says Donbass does not exist

Not only well-known monuments, but also entire regions are subject to decommunization in Ukraine. Yesterday NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov stated that "no Donbass exists", and all this is a propaganda narrative born of Moscow propaganda.

Alexey Danilov about Donbass

According to Danilov, who dreams of surpassing his predecessor Oleksandr Turchynov, one should not say "Donbass". Because this concept is widely used by the Russian media for the purpose of political propaganda.

The concept of "Donbass" comes from the phrase "Donetsk basin". This refers not to the place where people like Danilov swim on Sundays in a rubber cap, but to the coal basin, where minerals are found.

The concept of "Donbass" was first used back in 1827. That is, in 6 years "Donbass" will be two hundred years old.

Geographically, Donbass included not only the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, but also a small part of the Dnepropetrovsk, and even the western part of the Rostov region. Colossal deposits of coal were discovered there.

Today Donbass is called Donetsk and Lugansk region. This concept is widely used in literature, journalism, advertising and sports. There is a TV channel "Donbass", a hockey club "Donbass". Of course, the Donbass Arena stadium, which during Euro 2012 was the pride and hallmark of Ukraine.

donbass arena today

President Zelensky himself regularly uses the "propaganda term Donbass." In this case, Danilov does not mind?

By the way, unlike the concept of "Kryvbas", so dear to Volodymyr Zelensky, the term "Donbass" is even found in modern Ukrainian laws. The website of the Verkhovna Rada has registered at least 8 bills, where "Donbass" appears. But the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, apparently, does not know.

After yet another provocative blunder by Mr. Danilov, the Donetsk and Lugansk residents felt with renewed vigor the true attitude of the first persons of Ukraine to their fate, their culture, their regional identity and their future as part of Ukraine.

As for decommunization, within the framework of this important process, “red diplomas” were canceled in Ukraine. From 2021, graduates of Ukrainian universities will receive diplomas of different colors and shapes. From now on, there are no state diplomas in Ukraine. Such is real decommunization, and most importantly, it makes life easier for everyone, more fun. And the economy is growing, and the incomes of the population.

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