When you visit our site for the first time, a cookie is sent to you and an identification number is assigned to your computer. Cookies are a standard tool for tracking the user's personal preferences in order to improve the user experience of the site.

Cookies allow us to provide an individual approach to each client, so that you do not have to be reminded of your preferences each time you visit the site.

The computer ID allows you to record information about each session so that we are better able to help you if you need help or support. Once you enter personal information on the site, an identification number will be linked to your contact information so that we can recognize you the next time you visit. We also monitor information that may be of interest to you.

When logged in with a registered user account, cookies may be used to collect personal information for advertising purposes, as well as to provide users with more relevant content and improve the user experience of We do not provide information about your actions on the site to third parties and do not collect information from other sites that you visit.



These cookies are necessary for the correct operation of Klymenko Time websites, web services and interactive applications. If you block these cookies in your browser settings, we cannot guarantee the functionality of our sites, web services and interactive applications.

These cookies are not designed to collect information about you that could be used for advertising purposes or to track your browsing history on other sites, services and applications.


We use cookies and other technologies to reflect your preferences for the functionality of the Klymenko Time website.

In particular, we use functional cookies to remember your preferences, such as language, to improve your user experience and provide a personalized experience for each user.

These cookies are not mandatory, but they provide a better experience on the site.


We use non-identifying cookies for the following purposes:

  • analyze the performance of our websites;
  • maintenance, operation and continuous improvement of the quality of our sites;
  • collection and processing of aggregated data (for example, information about the number of visitors to a particular site), which makes it possible to determine which sections are popular with users and which are not. Among other things, this allows us to improve and update the site based on data such as the total number of visitors and page views.

For example, we may extract information from the emails you request, including whether you opened the email, forwarded it, or clicked on a link in the email. This allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our interaction with you via electronic communication channels and provide you with useful information.

These cookies are not strictly necessary.


If you do not want to accept cookies, you can block them in your browser settings. Please note that since the setting is done at the browser level, this may block cookies on other sites. Detailed information on how to manage your cookie settings in the most common browsers can be found on the website

Blocking cookies may result in the inability to use certain functions related to the creation of a user profile, and blocking strictly necessary cookies may lead to incorrect operation of the site as a whole.



You may see Klymenko Time ads on third party websites and mobile services based on your browsing history.


In addition, our ad network partners may place their cookies on Klymenko Time websites and other websites to collect information about your browsing experience so that we can serve you ads tailored to your interests. This is called online behavioral advertising (OBA). Our ad network partners who use web analytics are willing to provide you with information about how your personal information is used to enable you to opt out of serving ads (see section "Opt-out of ads based on online behavior analysis" below).


When serving Klymenko Time ads based on online behavioral analysis, you will see an "Ad Choices" badge. Clicking this icon will take you to a site where you can change your settings or disable the use of your browsing history data for sites that serve ads.

Your mobile device may support the Min. tracking ads. (iOS platform) or "Turn off ad personalization" (Android platform), which can be used to limit the use of information about your use of applications for the purpose of serving ads based on your interests.

If you opt out of showing ads based on online behavior analysis, you will still be shown ads, including Klymenko Time, but based on other information (for example, based on the content of the page you are viewing, and not based on your browsing history) .

In some cases, third-party advertisers may continue to collect browsing history data after opting out of online behavioral ads, but this data will not be used to serve ads.

For more information about the ways in which users can influence how advertisers collect and use information about their experience with sites and online services, see: