Dark cold winter - how to avoid hypothermia or frostbite in blackout

The duration of treatment for hypothermia and especially frostbite is twice the duration of treatment for victims with burns.

The village is unpaved, but warm: where is it more comfortable to sit out the blackout - in the metropolis or outside the city?

Power engineers warn of upcoming difficulties, the authorities will not rule out a complete blackout, but they believe that Ukrainians will not leave the country, but will migrate to the villages.

Cat, dog, parrot, fish: how to help pets in case of blackout and lack of heat

The main thing is that they have water, food and the opportunity to keep warm.

The most severe winter in history will come tomorrow: weather forecasters warn of black ice and frost

The calendar winter, as well as the last month of autumn, is not going to please with warm weather, but I wanted to.

IDPs can receive sets of winter clothes: what is needed for this?

Also, internally displaced children will receive sets of winter clothes free of charge.

The most difficult winter has already come: are Ukrainian utilities and energy companies ready for the first frosts?

Snow and sub-zero temperatures are promised this week, and this will be the first serious test for the Ukrainian energy systems that are not working at full capacity.

The worst winter in the history of Ukraine: the head of Naftogaz Vitrenko said that in winter there may be neither light nor heating

Also, all oil refineries were destroyed in the country.

Russia destroyed 30% of power plants in Ukraine, therefore there will be no peace talks - Zelensky

This winter, there is a very high probability of power and heat cuts in Ukrainian homes.

The most difficult heating season in the history of Ukraine: how should residents of apartments and private houses prepare for it?

Simple tips to help you deal with difficult situations.

Sadovoy urged to stock up on potbelly stoves, Getmantsev is proud of the people standing in line for candles, and the government told when heating will be provided

Winter for Ukraine may be even more difficult because of the shelling of energy infrastructure.

Freeze or not? Even if Europe survives this winter, the next will inevitably come.

In Russia, they believe that if frost hits, entire cities in Europe could freeze, and the International Energy Agency hopes that gas reserves will last until March.

A number of Ukrainian territories will remain without heat, and the temperature in apartments will be lowered by 4 degrees: features of the heating season 2022-2023

And in Nikolaev, they called on the townspeople to look for housing outside the city and said that it was pointless to buy heaters.

Outpacing inflation: what will be the prices of food this winter and what does the cost of a Big Mac say?

Agricultural producers raise prices in Ukraine to the European level.

All products will rise in price, except for one: what you need to buy now

In September, some products fell in price, but closer to winter, the food basket may rise in price by 40%.

In Switzerland, they want to place Ukrainian refugees in underground bunkers, and in Germany, gyms are being prepared for Ukrainians

Countries may have difficulty resettling refugees.

Cold is not far off: will Ukraine have enough coal and what will happen to electricity?

What to do in case of a total blackout?

A number of regions will be without heating: where it is recommended to evacuate for the winter

More than 5 regions are in danger of disruption of the heating season - what do the authorities say?

You can live only temporarily, and compensation for the destroyed - at the expense of the Russian Federation: how is the issue of resettlement of Ukrainians left without housing being solved now

There is a chance that by the beginning of the cold weather the problem will not be solved.

UK resources to help Ukraine could run out by the end of the year

As winter approaches and prices rise, the British public is less supportive of anti-Russian sanctions and is not ready to support refugees.

Ukraine has only three months to prevent the betrayal of the West

The British colonel believes that Western partners can betray Ukraine and let Russia win.