media law

Deputies voted for the bill "On Media", but not all

European Solidarity and Holos unanimously did not take part in the voting.

The National Council will be able to impose bans on the work of online media - bill

In this way, the country intends to respond to information challenges in the war.

Double standards and manipulation: Media spreading fakes demand fight against fakes

- Do we understand correctly that if the fakes are "pro-Western" - then "is this different"?

With two hands "for": how Razumkov solves the problem of button-pressing in the Rada

- It is possible that "button-pressing", which was like a talk of the town, and on which strangers were beaten very hard and not very hard of their own, will suddenly take over and stop. I do not rule out the possibility that deputies will be required to hand over one severed finger each and colleagues will carry a bunch in their pockets for identification.

They wanted European standards, but got a tool of censorship: Kyiv grant-eaters break media laws

- If it really was about an agreement between all and interested countries, subjects of this information market, then a new media law would be simply impossible. Real experts from the European Commission and the Rada of Europe are against new laws to regulate online media. So why are their Kyiv offices all in favor?

Pro-government political scientists praise the law on media censorship. How does its adoption threaten Ukraine?

Cleansing supposedly propaganda media is not about sovereignty. These are deliberate sweeps for specific political groups

Censorship in the media: black and white lists of publications are compiled in Ukraine

The lists of “wrong” media include only the opposition, the correct ones are those funded by the West

"European Solidarity" Poroshenko supports the law "On Media": the political force believes that censorship is needed only for "anti-Ukrainian" media

Knyazhitsky’s main emphasis is on the fact that the “EU” is wary of censorship, but not in the case of “anti-Ukrainian” media.

The US embassy demands to adopt a media law. Will foreign interference help push through an initiative that limits freedom of speech?

An unpopular bill may not get votes.

Ukrainian media warned the Rada about the threat to freedom of speech in the law "On Media"

Tomilenko spoke out