Yuriy Lutsenko

Poroshenko, Lutsenko and Ryaboshapka came to the Klitschko party congress. Is a new political force being prepared?

It's already scary!

Terrible, terrible secret: Lutsenko knows something about Putin and Zelensky

The ex-prosecutor general believes that the Russian special services have serious compromising evidence on the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky is already being compared to Yanukovych. Is it time for the president to look for "patriotic officers"?

They say that Zelensky is intimidated by his own entourage.

Yuriy Lutsenko wants to return people's love with the help of Poroshenko

Where did Poroshenko's godfather, the ex-Prosecutor General, under whom the laws of Ukraine were changed, Yuriy Lutsenko, disappear? Six months ago, Lutsenko announced that he had cancer.

Yuriy Lutsenko has cancer: he will have chemotherapy

Behind the operation

There is no military solution to the issue of de-occupation of Crimea: Lutsenko spoke about the return of the peninsula

Is this an acknowledgment that we are not at war with Russia in the Donbass?

Lutsenko and Turchynov said that the special operation of PMC "Wagner" was "leaked": all the details

They agreed with Butusov's version

ГБР opened another criminal case against Poroshenko and his godfather

Against the ex-president opened another case

Ex-Prosecutor General Lutsenko confirms that he got the job thanks to Joe Biden

Does not deny the influence of the former US Vice President on his appointment

How Grymchak's case can ruin Zelensky's rating

NABU closed the case against Yuriy Grymchak, who was arrested in August 2019.

Faithful servant of Lutsenko and Matios: who helped Ukrainians lie about the most high-profile crimes

He participated in the most brazen machinations of the former government

Where is the drone? How Lutsenko and Matios "covered" the destruction of ammunition in Ukraine

Look for someone who benefits - we did it

В ГБР opened a criminal case against the former leadership of the GPU - source

Yuriy Lutsenko and his former subordinates want to be prosecuted