Yuri Gavrilechko

There is a resolution on the annual gas tariff, but there are no prices and conditions: Ukraine once again reinvents the wheel

Ukrainians, after the heating season, are transferred to the annual gas tariff. Will the population pay more? Is it beneficial?

Will the fare in Kyiv minibuses rise in price after an increase in the price of suburban services

The cost of travel in suburban minibuses in Kyiv increased by 20% in mid-February. An economic expert said whether the price of Kyiv minibuses could rise in the near future, as well.

What is common between the TV series "Servant of the People" and the forum held by Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the conduct of 30 large-scale weekly forums on issues vital to the country. The first one was dedicated to the coronacrisis, and what awaits the Ukrainians next, political scientist Yuriy Gavrilechko answered.

"Let's sell something to make it good": an economist told why there will be no salaries in Ukraine like in Poland

Economist Yuriy Gavrilechko very accurately reflected the main component of the Ukrainian economy over the past seven years: "let's sell something and it will be fine." Otherwise, active de-industrialization is taking place in Ukraine, the decline in GDP and the general economic condition. The economist wrote about this in his article for Glavred on February 6. Thus, Gavrilechko pointed out that the talk that Ukraine is beyond [...]

Debt bondage: Ukraine can get rid of dependence, but not saints sit in the government, experts on tranche and grants

The national debt at the end of 2020 was $90,3 billion. If we translate this amount into hryvnia, we get about 2,56 trillion.

Poll of KIIS - political scientist explains how and why Medvedchuk and Poroshenko become leaders

The scandal around the fall of Zelensky's rating and the faction of the mono-majority is artificially inflated.

Naftogaz has decided on tariffs: expert comments

After Shmyhal's "fiery" speech and Vitrenko's exhaustive explanations regarding gas prices, we turned to experts for clarification. As it turned out, without Naftogaz and Kobolev, Ukrainians can use blue fuel at a price of UAH 3 per cubic meter.

Brexit will not bring Ukraine to the British market: a political scientist criticized the opinion of Minister Petrashko and the European Commission

The Ukrainian political scientist is sure that Brexit will not bring us any benefit or harm, and only the European Commission needs to be afraid.

"Big construction" or Zelensky's manipulation: journalists and political scientists told what they think about the President's road history

The President's Office has published poll data - how Ukrainians feel about the "Big Line" of roads. KlymenkoTime asked the opinions of journalists, politicians and political scientists