Julia Mendel

On Mendel's birthday, they decided to close the Great Deoligarchization program, where she performed

To whom did they leave Julia?

How Mendel told Drozdov about Zelensky

Julia Mendel spoke about her "former".

Zelensky VS Tupitsky: ГБР accuses the chief accountant of the KSU, and Mendel explains the essence of the confrontation to the dull

The Office of the President continues to fight with the head of the Constitutional Court.

Cleaned up and warmed up. It became known where Yulia Mendel's "numerous talents" came in handy

The ex-speaker of Zelensky took up deoligarchization.

No insiders? Mendel read an excerpt from her book

It looks like the former press secretary of the president is haunted by the laurels of Harry Potter's mom

From press secretary to writers: Mendel wrote a book about her former "boss" Zelensky

The ex-press secretary announced that the book will contain insiders

Mendel resigns as Zelensky's press secretary, or is she leaving? That is the question

There will be an official announcement shortly.

A good reason: why the topic of the exchange of prisoners in the Donbass resurfaced

A year has passed since the last prisoner exchange. All this time, the parties have been exchanging statements on this point of the Minsk agreements, but in reality the process is blocked

Zelensky's voice. Who is Julia Mendel and why they want to get rid of her

Who is Julia Mendel?

The aggravation of the situation in the Donbass: Mendel explained why the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not attack first

According to her, the authorities will fight to the last for negotiations in the Normandy format.

Gordon released "Gordon in chocolate" sweets, and Yulia Mendel disgraced herself with "Ukrainian English" in social networks

TV presenter Dmitry Gordon continues to amaze the public and viewers. That is "Barack Obama", and now - "Tuzik candy is very tasty," in the sense of candies with the image of a journalist. Distinguished this week and the press secretary of the President Yulia Mendel.

Zelensky promptly commented on the negotiations between Putin, Merkel and Macron

The presidential press secretary stressed that no issues regarding Ukraine would be resolved without the participation of Ukraine itself.

The truth for Donbass is hushed up: what was not told in Zelensky's Office

Pavel Kukharkin talks about the main fighters against fakes in the media.

Mendel on sanctions against Kolomoisky: will restrictions be imposed against the oligarch in Ukraine

Mendel clarified that US sanctions against a businessman are just the beginning

The war with Russia spoils the positive image of the country: Mendel told what foreigners think about Ukraine

An online meeting with Yulia Mendel took place today. The press secretary told how foreigners see Ukraine so far and what the Zelensky team plans in the next 5 years to fix it

Zelensky went to a supermarket in Donbass for coffee: video and photo

The President visited a grocery store

Mendel earns more than Zelensky. Named amount

With allowances and bonuses, it turns out well

Mendel again spoke about her "pregnancy" from Zelensky

She commented on the latest fake about herself

Mendel responded to the “duck” about her pregnancy from Zelensky: video

"Powderbots" dispersed rumors that she is breaking up the president's family

Mendel responded with a photo to rumors from “powderbots” about pregnancy and an affair with Zelensky

The press secretary of the head of state reacted to the gossip