Nuclear war

The line beyond which there will be no return: why in Russia they again started talking about the use of nuclear weapons

Very direct signals from Russia about the possibility of using nuclear weapons in this war have become more frequent.

The tipping point is approaching: what are the warnings for Ukraine in the West?

Western top officials recently made a number of alarming statements about Ukraine's prospects in this war

Between the lines: what and why did Medvedchuk write and why now?

In Russia, an article was published by the ex-deputy of the Rada, recently deprived of Ukrainian citizenship, Viktor Medvedchuk.

Nuclear war no longer seems crazy: what Putin said at a meeting with members of the Human Rights Council

Perhaps the most fundamental message was voiced, which is important for understanding the entire worldview of the President of the Russian Federation.

Fear has big a nuclear mushroom? Putin's words about the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima greatly frightened the West

Putin recalled the bombing of Japan, which greatly agitated the West.

The American prophetic economist suggested that the first nuclear strike would be on New York, and the next on Moscow

Nouriel Roubini believes that the Third World War has already begun, but so far it is on the territory of Ukraine and in cyberspace.

Have you untied your hands? If the Russian Federation inflicts a nuclear strike on Ukraine, Europe and NATO will not respond mirror

They promise to give an answer, but do not specify what it will be.

Biden called Putin a rational player who miscalculated and is not ready to meet him at the GXNUMX summit

Also, the US President does not believe that Russia will use nuclear weapons.

To stop nuclear confrontation and further keep high oil prices: UAE president wants to talk to Putin

In this visit, the sheikh's personal interest can be traced, and the topics of Ukraine are just a tool here.

Against the backdrop of Zelensky's statements? The United States raised the level of combat readiness to the maximum

Sixty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world is once again on the brink of nuclear war.

“Oh, you’re like that, well, keep it from us!”: Zelensky talks about a preventive nuclear strike on the Russian Federation as a child’s game of “war” (updated)

The President of Ukraine called on the world not to wait for Putin to decide to use nuclear weapons, but to act proactively. Russia has already responded.

Nuclear blackmail or still "fuck"? After the nuclear submarine, the media write that Putin sent a nuclear train to the border with Ukraine

Reports about the nuclear threat from the Russian Federation are heating up, and mainly by foreign media, who and why is scaring Ukraine and the whole world.

"Paladin of the Apocalypse": where are the Russian submarine with the Poseidon nuclear missile and the Ukrainian corvette "Hetman Mazepa" going

The Italian media are frightening with a Russian nuclear torpedo that can destroy New York, and in Ukraine they report that the first Ukrainian anti-submarine corvette has been launched.

Wait for the bomb or not? The Ministry of Defense estimates the "nuclear threat" highly, while the US believes that all this is a bluff

In Ukrainian intelligence, the likelihood of using nuclear weapons against Ukraine is regarded as “very high.” And in the United States, three main scenarios are being considered at this time.

Can the war in Ukraine become nuclear?

Sixty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world is once again on the brink of nuclear war. And now everyone is worried about one question - will Putin go for broke.