payments to migrants

From a refugee to a displaced person - horseradish is not sweeter: how Poland is changing its strategy towards refugees and why IDPs are delaying payments

The number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine may increase as Poland decided to help Ukrainian refugees return home.

If you are a displaced person, then we are coming to you: targeted checks are returning and many IDPs may lose their payments

Social workers will make door-to-door rounds at the addresses where IDPs are registered and those who cannot be found will be left without material assistance from the state.

From 2 to 3 hryvnias per person since November: who and how can receive one-time assistance from the Ministry of Reintegration?

Assistance will be provided as part of the government's humanitarian program.

Payments to IDPs are delayed again: what to do and where to apply for the necessary assistance?

The government promises that all IDPs will eventually receive their money.

Pensioners will receive money in their hands: Ukrainians from de-occupied territories will be able to receive their payments in a new way

Residents of the de-occupied territories, who received a pension on the card, will be able to receive money in their hands.