War in Ukraine

Dnipro: what awaits the city in the foreseeable future

It is impossible to imagine modern Ukraine without this beautiful original city.

War in Belgorod and Bryansk: what is the likelihood of hostilities in the Russian border area?

Any infrastructure in these and neighboring regions is considered a legitimate military target in Ukraine

Massive missile attack on Ukraine: new tactics of the Russian Federation and consequences

This time again, energy facilities became priority targets, but there are official statements that industrial enterprises were also damaged.

The decision on Bakhmut has been made: by whom, what, and what will happen next?

On the eve of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, it was decided to continue the defensive operation in Bakhmut.

"Fucking life": who has the right to it

And who should die near Bakhmut, Kremennaya and Avdiivka

I agree to a medal: why did the Ukrainian intelligence officers award the Kyiv escort?

When an agent of any special service receives a military rank or award, it is very strange to tell the whole world about it.

Pearl by the sea: what awaits Odessa in the foreseeable future?

Based on the current events at the front, at this stage, Odessa seems too tough for Russia

Bakhmut: what are the chances of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to save the city, and what will happen if it is lost?

The situation around Bakhmut is already difficult to characterize with the phrase "stably critical", one can move on to the epithet "catastrophic". Between the northern and southern groups of PMC "Wagner", hanging over Bakhmut, the distance in a straight line, judging by the information on the Web, is less than 4 km. All remaining roadways to the west are completely shot through by the enemy, and communication with the garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut itself is possible only [...]

Attack of the DRG in the Bryansk region

What was it, and what are the likely consequences?

Symbols of war

Who and how controls the "fighting spirit" of the masses with the help of semantic associations?

Hard scenario

There is no prospect of a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict, and the war will continue

Light at the end of the tunnel, or how Ukraine managed to get through the winter

But she promised to become the most difficult in the history of independence.

China's latest warning: what Beijing has proposed

...and why it "won't take off"

Year of the Great War

How it all started and where we ended up

Beijing enters the game

What peace plan does China want to propose for Ukraine, and will the parties to the conflict agree to it?

And now Biden will make a speech: what and why did the President of the United States say

Tuesday came out as a day of big verbal battles between the leaders of Russia and the United States.

Putin's message: the war will continue

Russia Suspends Participation in Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, Its Economy Has Survived Under Sanctions, And Only Robbery awaits Oligarchs Abroad

Joe Biden in Kyiv: why he came, and what will follow

Today it is the loudest media event of the day on the planet. But still, we tried, in addition to the spectacular external form, to consider also the content of the trip of the US President to Ukraine.

The world on the eve of the grandiose...?

Who said what at the Munich Security Conference, and how will this affect Ukraine?

The United States will not advise bad? Why is the West pushing Ukraine onto the battlefield?

U.S. White House officials are advising Ukraine to take as much territory from Russia as possible in the coming months in order to get a better position in future peace talks.