Vadim Saldo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine went on the offensive in the Kherson region: the General Staff does not confirm this, but panic rose in the Russian media, and Stremousov fled to Genichesk

What is happening near Kherson? The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not comment on a possible offensive in the region, and Russian military correspondents write about heavy battles. Let's try to figure it out.

Kherson - the second Mariupol? Russia is going to evacuate civilians from the occupied region

And the British Ministry of Defense hints that urban battles for Kherson may begin in the near future.

How Russian Media Resurrected the Guru and Buried the Balance

Today it became known that the murder of the "deputy head" of the Russian administration of Nova Kakhovka, Vitaly Gura, was staged, and then a fake message appeared about the death of Vadim Saldo.