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Attack of drones on Kyiv and the region, problems with the defense of its own territory in Russia: military news December 30

During the day, 85 missile and 35 air strikes were inflicted on Ukraine.

Tools of censorship and restriction of freedom of speech: scandalous law “On Media” adopted in Ukraine

Now the National Council will be able to fine and close individual media, and the authorities say that it complies with international standards.

Massive shelling of Ukraine, another explosions at the airfield in Engels: military news on December 29

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the "Caliber" will never end.

Issue of Russian passports in Lugansk region, Ukrainian Armed Forces may release Kremennaya, more than 700 critical facilities damaged: military news 28 December

Almost 7 civilians have officially died during the war alone.

Smoking harms not only health, but also accession to the EU: if Saakashvili dies, Georgia will not be admitted to the EU

It is doubtful that the convicted ex-president will be able to become a pass for Georgia to Europe, but it is quite a reason to refuse.

In the New Year with new costs: what changes come into force as early as January 1

An increase in the minimum wage, indexation of pensions is not expected, but tariffs will increase and new taxes will appear.

The liquidation of Ukrainians in Russia, the execution of a family in Makeyevka, Prigozhin’s man will command the western military district of the Russian Federation: military news December 27

The dead were part of the "Brotherhood" of Korchinsky.

What will post-war Ukraine be like: refugees returning home will face prejudice, and Zelensky will be reminded of all the mistakes

The Institute of Demography said that Ukraine is losing its population not because of an increase in mortality and a decrease in the birth rate, but because of migration.

In the nomination “blooper of the year”, “grandfather” wins, but not frost: Biden clauses have been collected in the USA

Usually at the end of the year they talk about the achievements of the head of state, and the American media publish the mistakes of their president, fortunately, there is plenty to choose from.

Explosions at the airfield in Engels, a probable counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Lugansk region, the combined return of Crimea: military news on December 26

Ukraine promises to return Crimea by the end of spring.

The war did not cure Ukraine of corruption: what are the favorite schemes of corrupt officials in power and what prevents them from fighting

People who are accused of corruption in Ukraine remain shaking hands - they are promoted, interviewed and invited to public events.

Fires at Russian military facilities, Luhansk front aggravated: military news December 23

Russia fears threats from Finland and Sweden if they join NATO.

Rogozin wounded in Donetsk, stalemate at the front: military news 22 December

Meanwhile, the Russians are moving military equipment towards Berdyansk.

SAM "Patriot" for Ukraine, $ 1 billion in military assistance and violation of business etiquette: the results of Zelensky's visit to the United States

And Biden said under what conditions the war would end in Ukraine.

Ukraine may receive Patriot air defense this week, Putin's "special operation zone" is in Rostov-on-Don: military news December 21

Ukraine hopes for a significant increase in its air defense, which will help minimize the number of strikes on energy facilities and not only.

Why did Zaluzhny disown the charitable foundation that he previously advertised: details of the scandal

The journalists announced a gathering for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, referring to the fund of the Commander-in-Chief, but Zaluzhny claims that he has nothing to do with the organization, but we have other information.

Zelensky in Bakhmut: the President made an unannounced visit on the 300th day of the war

The city is one of the hottest spots on the front.

The Russian army launched an assault in a new direction, the UN does not want to investigate the use of Iranian drones in Ukraine: military news December 20

The situation on the Donetsk front remains stably difficult for both sides.

Sergei Prytula: another comedian who turned to politics

What do we know about the possible next president of Ukraine?

Meeting between Putin and Lukashenko: what is known and what can Ukraine expect?

Putin called Belarus an unconditional ally, while Lukashenka focused on economic and social issues.