Ursula Von Der Leyen

With blocking, reduction and concessions: the EU still managed to adopt the 9th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation

Also, the EU has unblocked the allocation of 18 billion euros to Ukraine.

"Bloody Boys" at La Scala: how Ursula von der Leyen greeted the Russian tsar and priests with a standing ovation

The scandalous production at the Milan Opera was attended not only by Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni, but also by the head of the European Commission.

More than 100 thousand wounded and killed: the European Commission announced large-scale losses of the Ukrainian army (updated)

Subsequently, this tweet was decided to be deleted, but the Internet remembers everything.

Coronavirus in the world: the current situation, what is known about the artificial appearance of the virus, and what does Hunter Biden have to do with it?

We tell everything that is known at this point about the biological appearance of the virus, fraud in Europe with vaccines, and the possible participation of the son of the President of the United States in biolaboratories.

Far-right came to power in Italy: what does this mean for Ukraine, Russia and the EU

The European Commission opposed such a result, but now even a friend of Putin will be in the new Italian coalition.

There is no more consensus: the EU urged to abandon the principle of unanimity in decision-making

Disagreements within the EU make it difficult to unanimously make difficult political and economic decisions.

The European Commission recommended granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership: what's next?

What conditions are put forward to Ukraine?

Von der Leyen told what Ukraine must do to join the EU

A number of conditions are set before our country, despite the war

EU imposes partial embargo on Russian oil: implications for the EU and Russia

There is a possibility that the sanctions will not bring the expected political effect.

“Oil does not smell”, especially for Germany and Hungary: a failure is expected at the upcoming EU summit with new sanctions against the Russian Federation

Germany is playing its "oil" game with Europe.

The EU failed to agree on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia

And in Ukraine, they believe that an embargo on Russian oil must be introduced.

Germany doubts that Ukraine will soon join the EU, and do not want to make empty promises

There is currently no necessary solidarity on the issue of Ukraine's accession to the EU.