More than 800 settlements are de-energized, there are dead: bad weather swept across Ukraine

The hurricane caused trouble in many regions of Ukraine.

A hurricane and severe thunderstorms came to Ukraine: where to expect danger and why the State Emergency Service may be late

Ukraine will be covered by a hurricane and it’s not about guns – storm winds, hail and rain are expected almost throughout the country. Yellow danger level declared

Kyiv in the water: while Klitschko is celebrating his 50th birthday, the capital is drowning due to downpours. Video

An unprecedented hurricane with a downpour hit the capital

Streets turned into rivers, people were injured and trains were delayed: rescuers eliminate the consequences of a storm in western Ukraine

Yesterday's elements that raged in Lvov and Rovno caused a lot of troubles - until now, rescuers are eliminating the consequences of the storm.

Tore the roof off the hospital: a terrible hurricane swept over the Donbass. Photo, video

On July 31, a terrible hurricane swept over the village of Velikaya Novoselka, Donetsk region. This was reported by the Telegram channel "Ukraine Now". It is noted that a strong wind tore off the roof from a local hospital, knocked down many trees, one of which fell on an ambulance. Related materials At the height of summer, Yaremche was covered with snow Fortunately, as a result of the elements, none of the people [...]

A hurricane swept through the Odessa region with rain: the city was flooded, houses were left without electricity and water

Dozens of power transmission towers fell and were damaged in the region

A strong storm swept across Ukraine: dozens of settlements were affected

Hurricane swept through 4 regions of Ukraine

A terrible hurricane swept through Transcarpathia. A photo

Strong winds blew roofs of houses, hospitals and schools