The Upper Lavra was taken from the UOC. At Christmas, the OCU serves there

What awaits the Ukrainian Orthodox Church?

Issuing subpoenas in yards and businesses is now legal

What has changed for Ukrainian conscripts with the approval of a new procedure for registering those liable for military service?

Forgot about the coronavirus? But in vain! Ministry of Health warns that war is not a reason to refuse vaccination

Over the past week alone, almost 19 Ukrainians have been hospitalized in hospitals with COVID-3.

State language of instruction, rights and prohibitions: key from the Law on National Minorities signed by the President

Most of all, the adopted law may be outraged by the Hungarians, who have previously criticized the language law.

There will be no winter fairy tale: what kind of weather forecasters promise Ukrainians for the New Year

New Year's thaw awaits us, in Ukraine it will get warmer up to +15 degrees

New Year's by candlelight? Will Ukrainians have light on holidays

The OP assures that they are doing everything to ensure that there are no power outages on New Year's Eve.

I can dig, I can not dig: who will be sent to rest at their own expense, and who will be forbidden to go on vacation

The deputies want to amend the labor legislation to streamline the granting and use of holidays.

Right under the Christmas tree: from January 1, tariffs for water and electricity transmission will be increased in Ukraine

But these are not the only increases that await Ukrainians in 2023.

Tools of censorship and restriction of freedom of speech: scandalous law “On Media” adopted in Ukraine

Now the National Council will be able to fine and close individual media, and the authorities say that it complies with international standards.

Yermak told who he considers his personal enemies, whether compromises with Putin are possible and explained his puzzles from emoticons

The head of the Presidential Office is sure that next year the United States will provide Ukraine with all the weapons necessary for victory.

Doctors, teachers, artists and sellers: who will be banned from campaigning in elections

Campaigning is only on weekends, and the media will have to publicly show the cost of posting the election campaign.

What is known about the fall of the S-300 anti-aircraft guided missile in Belarus (updated)

The Ministry of Defense claims that there is no cause for concern in connection with the incident.

Departure of men abroad - attempt number two: details of the new law

Foreign trips for men liable for military service may still be allowed without a failed "eBusiness trip".

The monument to Catherine II in Odessa was demolished under the cover of night: how the monument to the founders of the city ceased to exist

Following the Russian Empress, the monument to commander Alexander Suvorov also left its place that night.

Private Western investors earn on lending to Ukraine

And ordinary Ukrainians will pay for everything.

Massive shelling of Ukraine, another explosions at the airfield in Engels: military news on December 29

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the "Caliber" will never end.

When there is little money for the army: Ukraine wants to introduce a new tax in 2023

And the reason for this may be a new Memorandum with the IMF.

Irregular working hours and the abolition of the division of professions into “male” and “female”: what else can Ukrainians expect from the labor market in 2023

The situation on the market remains very difficult, but is gradually stabilizing.

"Patriot" is not a wunderwaffe that will completely cover the Ukrainian sky

The system intercepts far from all enemy missiles.

War in Ukraine: five scenarios for the development of events in 2023

Can the war end in 2023 and how?