Ukraine and RF

Negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation: what are the features of the rhetoric of the parties and what is the current situation?

What is the strategy of Ukraine and Russia?

American congressman proposed to join the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine to the Russian Federation

"Zrada" from a partner country

Putin demanded foreign assets of the USSR from Ukraine. Foreign Ministry accused him of manipulation

Why can't they agree on 30-year-old property?

“Take off your shirt, the country is at war”: in a Kiev supermarket, nationalists argued with a man over clothes with the coat of arms of the Russian Federation

All other problems in the country have already been resolved

Zelensky is lost in the labyrinth of the political system - Bloomberg

How do Western media cover the situation in Ukraine? Often superficial. Thus, the American agency Bloomberg, for example, calls Viktor Medvedchuk "Putin's man in Ukraine", and also presents him as the unequivocal leader of the Opposition Platform - For Life party. Let's not hang labels and interpret the state of affairs in the country, based on information from foreign publications. However, we note that the agency correctly notes [...]

National Security and Defense Council against Vkontakte: how to troll responsible comrades for an inexpensive price

The history of blocking Russian social networks in Ukraine, which has been going on for three and a half years, has received a new round of development

In Russia, they decided to "hang" the blame for the "Wagnerites" on the SBU: an investigation was published

Russian intelligence agencies quickly confirmed the information

“Ukraine does not need”: Lukashenka told if Russia will return Crimea

He also spoke about the Donbass

The World Congress of Ukrainians has remained an undesirable organization in the Russian Federation

Threats security

Are we getting out of a dead end? What was agreed at the TCG meeting between Ukraine and Russia

There will be a truce on July 27

Zelensky spoke categorically about the supply of Ukrainian water to Crimea

The President was quoted by the People's Deputy

Russia announced a sudden check of troops on the border with Ukraine: Kyiv responded

Russia is serious

Saakashvili called the advantage of Russia over Ukraine

Former head of Georgia is outraged

Break with Russia: Ukraine will not restore trains - #41 Gleba and circuses

The Ukrainian government continues to cut ties with Russia. On the eve of the Deputy Foreign Minister said that Ukraine will not restore railway communication with the northern neighbor. And the government of Ukraine plans to continue to break bilateral agreements with Moscow, thereby continuing the policy of Poroshenko. But that's just in power for a year as another president, Zelensky. Between Ukraine and Russia there is still [...]