So who is the Kremlin's agent? The Institute of National Memory and the Holodomor Museum “did not divide” the victims of the famine

It turned out that UINP is not the most biased structure in Ukraine

Drobovich suggested that Ukraine be "vaccinated against totalitarianism" and stop giving socks on October 14

In a recent interview, the head of the UINP discussed the most burning issues: how to make people celebrate October 14, how to defeat the legacy of totalitarianism, and how to teach the people of Donbass the right history

Dictionary of the National Security and Defense Council 2.0: The Institute of National Memory compiled a manual on how to celebrate the Day of Liberation of Ukraine

On October 28, Ukrainians celebrate the liberation from the Nazis. Historically, the date is entirely connected with the Red Army, where millions of Ukrainians fought. But no one seems to care.

Drobovich watched Loznica's film about Babi Yar and said that it was not so bad

And this, as you understand, is a sign of anti-quality.

Ministry of Culture wants to make Rosh Hashanah and Perun's Day public holidays: Vyatrovich against

This is not for you to rewrite history.

Fedina mourns over the deportation of Ukrainians and Poles in 1944-1946, and the UINP again twists history

Found a new reason to hate the USSR

Master class on curly carving history: UINP filmed a video about the events of 1939

Based on the book of the "chief historian" of Ukraine

"Let's regard it as a cynical act": UINP criticized the monuments in honor of the friendship between the peoples of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Buzhansky replied

People's Deputy reminded the Institute of National Memory of their "jambs"

And again Babi Yar: Drobovich "convicted" director Loznitsa of misrepresenting history

The only true story is the one offered by UINP

Drobovich spoke about the tragedy at Babi Yar, but it turned out again about Putin

The new director of the UINP has surpassed Vyatrovich himself

The Institute of National Memory came up with a manual for celebrating Victory Day - and again pierced

It seems that UINP employees simply do not know the latest world history