Russia once again not allowed to qualify for Euro 2024

The RFU is awaiting the full text of the decision, after which a decision will be made on further steps for further legal protection.

Sport is politics: Russia wants to disqualify the coach of the Ukrainian national football team for his desire to fight

And in Ukraine they called for removing Russia from the draw for Euro 2024.

Russia was deprived of football and obliged to play on neutral fields: UEFA moved the Champions League final to France

Initially, there was a possibility that Russian football clubs would be completely excluded from European competition.

Russia appealed to UEFA because of the offensive chants of Ukrainian fans

Russians outraged by discriminatory statements of Ukrainian fans

Win or draw? UEFA still allowed to leave the inscription "Glory to the Heroes" on the form of the Ukrainian national team, but not everything is so simple

The slogan "Glory to the Heroes" is already something akin to a challenge prize, which is remembered by everyone who is too lazy and when it is profitable. Here and in the history of football, this slogan is used rather to divert attention.

This is a story about vulnerability: Buzhansky believes that the situation with the slogan "Glory to the Heroes!" - not about patriotism

- Classic story, checkered or ride.

The US Embassy in yellow and blue and a tattoo on the back: the situation with the form of football players is brought to insanity

An image of a map of Ukraine with Crimea and Donbass may appear on the small and large coat of arms

UEFA demanded to remove the slogan "Glory to the Heroes!". How did they react in Ukraine?

The scandal around the new form of the Ukrainian national team is gaining momentum

UEFA approved the scandalous form of the Ukrainian national team to play at the European Championship

What will be next?