Violation of the laws and customs of war: Ukrainian teachers in the de-occupied territories will be tried as collaborators

Ukrainian teachers who decide to cooperate with the Russian Federation face criminal liability.

Teachers in the occupied territories may be declared collaborators

But at the same time, in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and in the war zone, teachers and children are left with almost no instructions on the educational process from the MES.

Everything for the war: Ukraine continues to reduce spending on education in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Education Ombudsman is extremely concerned about non-payment of salaries to teachers.

She called the events in Bucha a “staging”: a teacher of the Ukrainian language will be judged in the Zhytomyr region

Also, the Kiev resident was informed of the suspicion of justifying the armed aggression of the Russian Federation: he reposted posts where he justified the war.

Salaries for teachers: in Ukraine, 10 thousand teachers do not receive their money. What is the reason?

Ukrainian teachers are also forced to take vacations at their own expense.

When and how will the academic year end in Ukrainian schools

Regardless of the form and place of training, its results will be officially counted.

Ukraine guarantees the preservation of the place of work and average earnings for workers of education and science in the conditions of martial law

The relevant decision has already been supported by the Verkhovna Rada.

There will be no increase in salaries for teachers from January 1: there is no money. When and by how much do they plan to raise the salaries of educators

But in the country there is money for roads and “Vovina Thousand”.

Language law in action: in Kyiv, two teachers were fired for the Russian language

The Russian language was not the most important violation of one of the teachers.

In Transcarpathia, a teacher received a fine for the systematic humiliation of a first-grader

The girl's mother noticed that the class teacher was biased towards her child, and contacted the police.

Beating of a teacher in the Dnieper: the second side of the conflict claims that the teacher is lying. All versions of what happened

Sixth grader's mother says teacher has been bullying her son since second grade

In Dnipro, a mother and son severely beat a teacher with their feet: they are trying to justify the attackers online

The reason for this cruelty is still unknown.

The future teacher of physics from the Chernihiv University passed the UPE with 103 points. What is wrong with pedagogy in Ukraine?

Everything is very bad.

If you don’t want to be vaccinated, quit: unvaccinated teachers will be suspended from work

And without saving a salary!

In Kyiv, unvaccinated teachers will be suspended, and principals will be fired

At least there will be such an opportunity.

They hit the temple and did not call an ambulance: the student received a concussion in the lesson, but the teacher allegedly did not notice this

A story about pedagogical negligence.

Her struggle: Lviv teacher from Svoboda, fired for her love for Hitler, was not reinstated

Good teachers and interesting classes

We will beat the unvaccinated with a ruble. In the regions, teachers are scared by paid PCR tests

And they also promise to deprive the "sweet" schools, which will not be able to convince most of the teachers to be vaccinated.