Ukrainian students want to start teaching how to handle weapons

This is despite the fact that schoolchildren are already taught the basics of shooting within the framework of the subject "Protection of Ukraine", but, apparently, only at the level of theory.

"Banderovision": excerpts from a school textbook outraged social networks. 10-graders are taught to resist the "information aggression" of the Russian Federation

The most important thing that every growing Ukrainian should know!

The divine nature of man and the rehearsal of the Holodomor: what is written in school history textbooks

Find out what your children are taught in schools

In a school textbook for 10 classes found a link leading to a porn site

The link in the textbook was supposed to lead to the news portal of Novomirgorod, but one small mistake decided otherwise - now the link on page 189 will lead the student to the page for adults

Return Crimea to Ukraine: MES obliged the publishing house to remake the map in history textbooks for grades 9-10

Electronic versions of textbooks with a new mark for students in grades 9-10 have already been placed in the electronic library of the Institute. Edits about Crimea were also made in printed versions of books

Textbooks in Russian were thrown out at a school near Odessa: the management talks about collecting waste paper - true or fake?

"Make fools pray to God" - this is how you can call the incident that occurred at the school of the village. Ivanovka, Odessa region. Books were thrown right out of the windows of the school. The incident came to the attention of the media and overgrown with details.

Heroization of Maidan participants will be removed from Ukrainian history textbooks - lawyer Portnov spoke about the court decision

The trial and examination lasted almost a year.