Despite war in Ukraine, China deepens economic cooperation with Russia

In this way, the negative consequences of anti-Russian sanctions are weakened, which is contrary to the interests of the West.

Do weapons supplied to Ukraine end up in other countries and how is it controlled?

We figure out where is the truth and where is the lie in such a sensitive topic.

A trade war could break out between the US and Europe over new US law

There is growing momentum in Berlin for a radical Plan B.

Russiagate: How American companies are secretly trading with Russia through Turkey

Business from the United States turned out to be interested in circumventing sanctions and is looking for loopholes.

Despite sanctions: Russia earns more than $1 billion a month from trade with the United States

Many goods were not included in the sanctions lists, and some goods are supplied in circumvention of the sanctions.

McDonald's, Zara and others: which international brands are no longer afraid of war and are returning to Ukraine

By the end of the year, almost all well-known brands can return to Ukraine.

They pretended to be law enforcement officers: a group of arms dealers was again detained in Kyiv

This is not the first case of illegal arms trade in the capital.

Finland refused Russian gas, and Germany and Italy open ruble accounts

How Western countries reacted to the new payment scheme introduced by Vladimir Putin on March 31

An employee of the State Emergency Service traded weapons in Zaporozhye, importing them from the war zone

Even the rescue services are involved in such schemes.

Economic crisis: imports and exports of goods have significantly decreased in Ukraine

The new report from the National Bank gives disappointing figures

Human trafficking, gender-based violence, abuse: human rights organization says risks for Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Human rights activists noted that there is no coordination of government actions to protect against violence in the country.

Will they pay for gas in rubles? The European Commission allows trade on the terms of Russia

Meanwhile, Ukraine advocates a complete embargo on oil and gas.

The war in Ukraine prevents China from playing its game in Europe - La Repubblica

The Chinese representative to the UN said that "the supply of weapons to Ukraine will not bring peace."

Ukraine has imposed a complete embargo on trade with Russia

The representative of the Cabinet of Ministers said that the import of goods from the Russian Federation through the Ukrainian customs is now prohibited

War in Ukraine significantly complicates trade between Russia and China - Bloomberg

The supply of raw materials from Russia to China has become more complicated after the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Consumers can report retail violations: where to go

Now, if the sellers in the store refuse to make bank transfers in wartime, Ukrainians can complain about them.

Trade and energy front of the "Russian invasion"

How exactly can Moscow put pressure on Kyiv? We understood the material of Klymenko Time.

Here is the aggressor for you: Belarus began emergency assistance to Ukraine with electricity

In words, we consider Lukashenka an enemy, but in reality we are trading.

Cemetery of Christmas trees: thousands of unsold trees are thrown on the streets in the cities of Ukraine

A very sad sight

30 thousand for a child: a surrogate motherhood scheme was exposed in the Vinnitsa region

The attackers made about a million dollars on it.