Tariffs for cold and hot water have been named: what utility bills will increase?

Some say that utility tariffs will rise, but the Cabinet of Ministers vehemently denies this. So what can Ukrainians expect in 2023?

Right under the Christmas tree: from January 1, tariffs for water and electricity transmission will be increased in Ukraine

But these are not the only increases that await Ukrainians in 2023.

Ukrenergo claims that there will be an increase in electricity tariffs, but for a penny

Earlier it was reported that Ukrenergo announced another increase in tariffs for businesses from the new year twice.

Ukraine plans to raise tariffs to market levels and the cost of heat by 30-40%: details

With a high probability, everything will start to rise in price, regardless of whether the war is over or not, and business prices have already been raised.

Light will be rare, but expensive: business is waiting for new prices for electricity, and water utilities may be left without chlorine

Due to the increase in electricity tariffs, some Ukrainian enterprises are likely to close.

The numbers in bills are growing: how has the communal price risen this year?

Even the frozen gas tariffs turned out to be a quarter higher than last year.

From passports to property taxes: what will rise in price for Ukrainians from November 1

From November 1, Ukrainians are waiting for a rise in prices in several areas at once. Taxes will rise, as will paperwork. For how much - read in our material.

We introduced it ourselves, we will cancel it ourselves: Getmantsev called gas tariffs “unreasonably low” and wants to cancel the tariff freeze

But no one considers salaries “unjustifiably low”.

Not subject to tariff freeze: Ukrenergo wants to raise electricity transmission tariff by 84% in 2023

And the war does not prevent getting super profits on the "green tariff".

Although gas tariffs have been frozen, Ukrainians will still pay 25% more than last year

And in Europe, the cost of gas has increased 10 times.

First lady Olena Zelenska accused the British of "counting pennies" while victims are counted in Ukraine

Ordinary Britons were extremely indignant at her words.

Moratorium on tariffs, but not on everything: something from a communal apartment will rise in price by 50% in the fall

Due to the significant increase in fuel prices, utilities are warning that they are raising prices for certain services from September.

Prices will rise, but privatization will return: what changes await Ukrainians from September 1

Milk, cereals, eggs and meat will rise in price, travel will also increase, and in some places utility tariffs.