Religious Front: UOC-MP Banned in Lviv District

And at the state level, they do not intend to prohibit the activities of the church.

“There is no difference between the enemy and his agent”: in Konotop, the mayor banned the activities of the UOC-MP

By the way, the Rada said that they would not pass laws on prohibitions during the war, which only split the Ukrainian society.

Fight in Rivne City Council: deputies of the VO "Svoboda" attacked local activists and trampled on the Ukrainian flag (VIDEO)

However, they do not consider themselves guilty.

How "Svoboda" fought against Afghan refugees. VIDEO

VO "Svoboda", which got out of the caches, has recently become more active.

Well forgotten old. Tyagnibok’s action under the OP was “licked” by the National Corps, but without tires and tear gas

Well, what if, in the autumn, the parliamentary elections are still held.