Trial of Yanukovych

This has never happened before, and here it is again: in Ukraine they want to put Yanukovych on the Interpol wanted list

Will never calm down

Another trial of Yanukovych took place in Kyiv: what the ex-president is accused of

The former president is accused of a number of serious crimes.

Yanukovych wants to be present in court in the case of mass executions on the Maidan: the lawyers of the ex-president were answered

Prosecutor Oleksiy Donskoy said that if Yanukovych's lawyers want the measure of restraint for him to be considered in his presence, he must personally appear in court

The Court of Appeal canceled Yanukovych's arrest in absentia: the panel of judges did not satisfy the request of lawyers

The case has been referred to the trial court

Yanukovych's treason sentence entered into force

His defense will appeal the decision of the court in the near future.

Court in Kyiv arrests Yanukovych in absentia

Will be "in custody" for two months