In Belgorod, the mobilized opened fire on each other: what happened in the military unit of the Russian Federation and what does religion have to do with it

There was a shooting at the training ground in Belgorod, as a result of which people were injured and killed. The conflict happened among the mobilized.

A pedophile in Chernivtsi disappeared without a trace after the murder of a policewoman: details of a high-profile murder from sources Klymenko Time

In the hometown of the deceased, her memory was honored, but the case has not yet been solved.

In Chernivtsi, a pedophile shot a policewoman on the school grounds

So far, the attacker is at large and hiding in high-rise buildings near the educational institution.

Shooting at a school in Izhevsk, Russia: a gunman wearing a Nazi T-shirt killed 14 people, most of them first-graders

The shooter wrote the word “hatred” on the horns with cartridges, making a reference to the shooting in Kerch.

The tragic details of the shooting in Borodyanka and what threatens a resident of the Sumy region for feeding Russian soldiers

"Borodyansky shooter" claimed the lives of three colleagues and died himself, it is possible that the serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was "high".

SBU Deputy Head Almost Shot a Poltava Security Guard with Schizophrenia

There was a quarrel between the men in the underground parking lot, which ended in shooting and stabbing

The strongest shelling of Donetsk, a missile attack on Novomoskovsk, explosions in the Nikolaev and Kharkov regions: the main military news on June 19

We continue to monitor the situation in the country

An officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Kyiv opened fire on the playground with children

The serviceman was drunk and threatened passers-by shortly before the shooting

In Kharkov, a drunken representative of the territorial defense opened fire, there are dead

As a result of the incident, two soldiers and one civilian were killed.

In Kherson, fire was opened on a pro-Ukrainian rally. VIDEO 18+

There are known to be wounded.

Non-peaceful protest: mass executions and dozens of victims. Remembering February 18, 2014

It was on this day that the protests turned into an acute phase and a massacre began, which largely determined the future of Ukraine. Klymenko Time recalls what happened on February 18, 2014.

Greek Foreign Ministry: Ukrainian soldiers killed two ethnic Greeks in the village of Granite

The Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs is going to phone Kuleba about this.

Near Mariupol, drunken soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire, there are dead

The incident occurred in the Ukrainian-controlled village of Granitnoe.

Shooting at Yuzhmash: Ryabchuk's lawyers assure that he will be released

According to lawyers, “hazing”, which was covered by the military leadership of the soldier, is to blame for everything.

The check on illegal mining of amber ended in a shootout and stabbing. There are people injured

Diggers from the village of the Rivne region rebelled against the investigative and operational measures and rushed to the police with knives, axes and chainsaws.

Hazing or the hand of the Kremlin? Possible causes of the tragedy in the Dnieper at the Yuzhmash plant

The investigation into the case of 21-year-old Artemy Ryabchuk continues. AT ГБР announced several versions of the execution. One of them is the influence of the Russian special services.

Nagzvardee who shot five colleagues retracted his testimony

The 21-year-old serviceman who organized the massacre of his colleagues on the territory of Yuzhmash retracted his previous testimony.

In the center of Kyiv, they fired from a machine gun: there is a wounded man and 10 detainees. VIDEO 18+

Such news, unfortunately, is no longer something out of the ordinary for the capital.

The tragedy in the Dnieper: the shooter was given a measure of restraint, and the dead were taken on their last journey

Artemy Ryabchuk fully admitted his guilt and asked not to be sent to the guardhouse.

“I just shot in the head”: the detained National Guardsman told the details of the massacre he arranged in the Dnieper

The 21-year-old soldier who killed five people at Yuzhmash has already been detained. He himself surrendered to law enforcement officers and told how and why he killed people.