New fares: where and how much in Ukraine they raised prices due to higher fuel prices

In some cities, fares are being raised, in others, passenger traffic is being reduced.

In Kyiv from Saturday, travel in minibuses will rise in price by 50%

At the same time, the cost of travel in the municipal transport of the capital will not change.

Travel in Kyiv is paid again: news of public transport in the capital

At the same time, travel in individual minibuses has already begun to rise in price.

In Kyiv, the cost of travel in minibuses will be significantly increased: reasons

Also in the capital, the curfew was reduced and the operation of public transport was extended.

Starting from the new year, the fare in the Kiev metro will cost 20 UAH. Yanukovych is blamed for the rise in price

It is strange that not Putin

Will the fare in Kyiv minibuses rise in price after an increase in the price of suburban services

The cost of travel in suburban minibuses in Kyiv increased by 20% in mid-February. An economic expert said whether the price of Kyiv minibuses could rise in the near future, as well.