SS Halychyna

Local SS! How "Hitlerism" flourishes in Ukraine

In the yard of 2022, and the SS "Galicia" is still held in high esteem in Lviv?

"Himmler would hang himself": a book about the SS "Galicia" was presented in the library of the Nikolaev region

A bandura player and a man in Nazi uniform came to the presentation. "The only thing missing is pigs and geese," people's deputy Buzhansky remarks.

Volodymyr Viatrovych: the father of the “new history” of Ukraine or an ordinary falsifier?

Rewriting the past turned the country inside out

SS symbols and Celtic ornament: Bandershtat Hotel is being reconstructed in Ivano-Frankivsk

Even the locals massively criticized the new project

Rehabilitation of Nazism? A well-known book network published a book about the Galicia division, delicately without mentioning the SS

Probably just "forgotten".

Descendants of the "SS Galicia" are fighting against the history of Ukraine

Fight against monuments to heroic ancestors and symbols of valiant victories

An SS veteran was buried with honors in Kyiv - even the presidential regiment was involved

Another scandal is unfolding in Ukraine.

"A touching obituary to the deceased SS man": why members of the criminal division are glorified in Ukraine

People's Deputy Buzhansky is outraged again

They swung at Moscow: in Lviv, supporters of the SS division "Galicia" held another gathering

Another event took place in Lvov on the occasion of the next anniversary of the formation of the SS division "Galicia". No words only emotions

A scandalous march in honor of the SS Galicia took place in Kyiv: politicians and diplomats are indignant

And our government, as always, pretended that nothing had happened, and there was no march of marginal Nazis at all

March of collaborators in the center of Kyiv. Who allowed to sing the SS "Galicia"?

On the eve of May 9, Ukrainian nationalists decided to arrange another provocation. On April 28, a march in honor of the SS division "Galicia" will take place in the center of Kyiv. Our "patriots" are going to honor the memory of the "true heroes of Ukraine" and remember the exploits of the SS division, subordinate to Hitler.

Provocation before Victory Day: in Kyiv, radicals are planning a march in honor of the SS division "Galicia"

Nationalists call on this day to "remember the real heroes."

"Servant of the People" and the head of the Lviv Regional State Administration entered into a discussion over the division "Galicia"

Kozitsky believes that warriors are heroes who fought for independence, but Buzhansky has his own point of view

In Ivano-Frankivsk, the book of the SS criminal "Galicia", who served Hitler, was published. Who are called heroes in Ukraine?

The book is called "Squads of Ukrainian Nationalists" (DUN), its author is Yevhen Pobeschiy from the "Roland" unit

The lawyer in the case of the SS "Galicia" is threatened with murder. Interview with Lyudmila Braslavskaya

Why was the ban against the Nazi SS "Galicia" lifted in Ukraine?

Unusable Donbass and non-Nazi SS "Galicia" - #126 Burnt

Overview of Ukrainian news from Pavel Kukharkin.

Nationalists threatened judges with violence: how the SS "Galicia" was recognized as legal

The Kyiv Court of Appeal overturned the decision recognizing the symbols of the SS "Galicia" as Nazi.

Lawyer who is conducting a case against the Institute of National Remembrance is threatened: the police launched an investigation

Defender is intimidated

The head of the Lviv Regional State Administration "ran into" Buzhansky because of the SS "Galicia": the people's deputy recorded a video response

A scandal is brewing

"Soviet" occupation of the brain - #99 Burnt

Something that all adequate Ukrainians have been waiting for so long has happened!