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“The battle for Donbass will be fierce and decisive”: what do the Western media write about the new round of the war in Ukraine

Military experts say that the Russian president needs to win at least some kind of victory before May 9th.

Russia can launch aggression in southern Ukraine at any moment - Commander of JFO

True, there are no direct signs yet

Due to shelling in the Donbas, the Kyiv train did not reach Avdiivka

There were no casualties among the civilian population.

They watch Russian channels and use drugs: a report on the moral and psychological state of the army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was leaked to the network

Apparently, the situation in the war zone is far from ideal.

Another AFU soldier died in Donbass, and an emergency meeting of the TCG security subgroup was postponed

During his speech, the Pope admitted that he was very concerned about Russian aggression towards Ukraine

A car with the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was blown up in the Donbass, nine soldiers were injured: the situation in the region is escalating

The telegram reports that 26-year-old captain Oleksandr Svinarchuk was appointed senior in the cab of the car, who allegedly took Ukrainian fighters to the minefield.

In Donbass, they crack down on the military according to the scenario of Zakharchenko, Givi and Motorola

In the Donbass, they continue to crack down on the military, who are "unpleasant to Ukrainian warriors." This time, they did not spare even a child.