American transgender officer and his wife turned out to be Russian patriots, now they face 65 years in prison

A married couple of doctors in the United States is accused of spying for Russia, and meanwhile in Montenegro, 20 people are immediately suspected of spying for the Russian Federation.

Israel blocks sale of powerful spyware to Ukraine over potential Russian outrage - The Guardian

According to the media, Israel's relations with the Russian Federation undermine the military capabilities of Ukraine.

Drone of discord: Belarus accuses Ukraine of spying with an illegally launched UAV

And the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry denies everything

They spied on and prepared terrorist attacks: the FSB announces the detention of agents of the Ukrainian special services

Three men were detained in the Russian Federation: two of them - father and son - allegedly employees of the SBU, and the third - an intelligence officer.

Spied on the orders of the special services: a suspicious citizen of Ukraine was detained in Tula

Spy passions.

Collaborated for "ideological reasons": the SBU exposed the spy - he turned out to be a pensioner of the USSR troops

The 64-year-old man is charged with treason.

Another spy scandal: the United States, together with Denmark, listened to Merkel and other European politicians

But what about trust in allies?

In Crimea, a Russian was detained, who transmitted data about the Black Sea Fleet to Ukrainian intelligence

The arrested person is accused of high treason, he faces a long prison term.

Ukrainian footballer went to 12 years in a Moscow colony for espionage: details of the case

The Moscow City Court sentenced former Ukrainian football player Vasily Vasilenko to 12 years in prison on charges of espionage. The defendant will serve his sentence in a strict regime colony.