Many dead and dozens missing: a tragedy occurred in the Russian Federation at the Listvyazhnaya mine

At the time of writing, 11 victims and fifty wounded are known.

So that nothing reminds of the past: Vneshtorgservice in Donbass changes its name and not only

Most of the industrial enterprises of the uncontrolled Donbass operate under the jurisdiction of this company.

In the "LPR" the leaders of the mine were detained, in which the cage with the miners collapsed

They are suspected of violating industrial safety requirements.

The cage collapsed into the face: details of the accident at the mine in the "LPR"

Rescuers completed work at the enterprise to search for victims

In the Donbass, a cage with miners broke in a mine, many died

The incident occurred on the territory not controlled by Ukraine

Lipetsk Factory 2.0: DTEK Akhmetov sells coal mines in Russia

Get out of Moscow?

Mine explosion in Donbass: death toll rises to 6

People are dying in hospitals.

Explosion at a mine in the Donetsk region: there are victims

The incident happened today, July 31, at about five in the morning

Nuclear explosion in Donbass: is the region facing an ecological catastrophe

The phrase "second Chernobyl" often pops up when talking about the conflict in eastern Ukraine

To Kyiv: miners from the east and west of Ukraine go to rally in the capital

The protest action is scheduled for May 12

Third day underground: miners strike in Luhansk region

The miners refuse to go up

Miners strike in Donetsk region: they demand the return of wage arrears

The miners do not descend into the mine for four days, coal mining has been stopped

DTEK is not forever: what is happening in the coal business of Rinat Akhmetov in the Ukrainian Donbas

This year, the richest Ukrainian returned one coal enterprise in the Donetsk region to state ownership, and bought a controlling stake in another.

Makiivka is shaking in a serious way, but not from the war: what is happening here

Residents of one of the districts of uncontrolled Makiivka have been complaining about tangible tremors for several years. They either get stronger or stop. This spring, the “earthquakes” resumed.

Power generation "DNR": will there be gas instead of coal?

There are two power plants in the "DPR" - Starobeshevskaya and Zuevskaya. But the latter has serious problems with fuel supplies.

Three mines de-energized in Donetsk region due to debts

All facilities of the State Enterprise "Mirnogradugol" were left without power supply

In Donetsk, miners are evacuated from the mine. Skochinsky: more than 300 people underground

Ventilation of the main western shaft was stopped at the enterprise.

In Volyn, 11 miners were injured due to an accident in a mine: details

In Volhynia, there was a major accident in one of the mines - a cage broke there, in connection with which 11 people were injured.

You can’t eat meat for 4 thousand hryvnias a month: miners in Lviv joined the mass protests of miners in Ukraine

December 8, 75 miners of the "Lesnaya" mine of the State Enterprise "Lvovugol" descended into the mine, but refuse to work. State mine workers have not been paid since September.