Sergey Trofimov

The failure of regional policy and the confrontation within the Office of the President: why Sergei Trofimov was fired

Dismissal indicates strengthening of Yermak's position

Elections of the mayor of Kyiv: Lyashko against Klitschko

How will the primaries be held in the Servant of the People and will they choose a convenient opponent for Klitschko?

The scandal continues: the deputy head of the OP accused the mayor of Cherkasy of speculating on the subject of quarantine

At the same time, he claims that he did not conduct any correspondence with him.

Officially: Zelensky denied threats to the mayor of Cherkasy

But they still promise to deal with him

The mayor of Cherkassy showed threats from the deputy head of the OP: the network suspected tricks of the "Joker"

He promised that Bondarenko could wake up under a plaid blanket