Sergey Surovikin

There is no doubt that the Russian Federation will again go to Kyiv, Russian mobilization has worked, there is no hazing in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the main thing from an interview with Valery Zaluzhny

In addition, he spoke about who is a role model in military affairs and whether it is necessary to make a large-scale mobilization in Ukraine.

Retreat, cunning plan or delayed war? What does Russia's statement about the withdrawal of troops from Kherson mean?

NATO and Ukraine are in no hurry to rejoice.

Large-scale flooding and the death of hundreds of thousands of people: how likely is the undermining of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station

If the dam is blown up, even the cities that are higher up the Dnieper will suffer.

The battle for Kherson is expected, the Russian Federation began to evacuate the inhabitants of the Kherson region: military news for October 19 (updated)

The Russian Federation inflicted new blows on energy facilities in Ukraine.

Surovikin's style: how is the appointment of a new general in the Russian Federation connected with the shelling of Ukraine's energy infrastructure and what will happen next?

There are fears that under him the war in Ukraine will follow the Syrian scenario.

“General Armageddon”: in Russia, the brutal Surovikin is now responsible for the war in Ukraine

This appointment is in line with Moscow's further escalation strategy.

The Ministry of Defense showed a scheme of attacks on Ukraine, and the GUR told about the "style of Surovikin"

Intelligence believes that today's attack on Ukraine is an attempt by the new Russian military leader to demonstrate supposedly quick results.