Sergey Pritula

Sergei Prytula: another comedian who turned to politics

What do we know about the possible next president of Ukraine?

The more wholesale, the higher the prices: Prytula explained why he buys armored personnel carriers 3 times more expensive

Checks will be shown to Ukrainians only after all the equipment is purchased and brought.

Bayraktars are not folk! Prytula apologized for the "wrong" video with drones, and Poroshenko buys armored personnel carriers 3 times cheaper than Prytula

Prytula has not yet commented on questions about the cost of the purchased.

Prytula announced a levy for an armored personnel carrier for the army: according to volunteers, the price of the purchased is overpriced by 3 times

This is not the first time Ukrainians have criticized Prytula for what he spends the money he collects on.

Pritula spent the money saved on Bayraktar on a satellite, but social networks criticized him for this

A number of discrepancies and questions arose around the acquisition of the satellite.

"Zombie people": showman Prytula - about Putin, Russians, Zelensky's nationalism and plans to create his own party

The new faces we deserve.

Russophobic performance on STB: Pinchuk's channel laughed at the "Russian world" and Mikhail Krug - it turned out not very funny

On the show "Ukraine has talent" found a use for the former politician Serhiy Prytula

Prytula was on the jury "Ukraine Got Talent", but is not going to quit politics

Not the mayor's chair, but also nothing

Have the Soros lost their “Voice”? The faction of the same name in the Rada officially split into two parts

Centrifugal processes in the political force reach a new level

Following Prytula: ten people's deputies can leave the Voice party

No one has made a final decision yet.

Who would doubt: Prytula officially admitted that the "Voice" is sponsored by Soros' partner

And we've known it for so long

Why Pritula scandal in the party "Voice"

There is a conflict in the "Voice" party.

Scandalous Farion called Prytula "cattle" and "Pinchuk's clown": what's wrong with the 57-year-old ex-deputy

The ex-people's deputy often allows himself harsh statements towards politicians, journalists and ordinary citizens

Accident with the participation of mother-in-law Prytula: the victim told how her life has changed after the accident

The next court session will take place today. If the guilt of the star mother-in-law is recognized, she faces up to eight years in prison

Pritula was expelled from the leadership of the Golos party. The showman will leave politics after Vakarchuk

According to People's Deputy Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, this is a "normal democratic procedure"

Who in Ukraine can love Russia

In the new issue of "Burned" we are talking about the old "patriots" who are fighting or pretending to be fighting for Ukrainian culture and creativity.

The crisis of the political genre: after Vakarchuk, showman Sergei Prytula gathered to leave the Voice party

Apparently, he also realized that politics is not his calling.

From Klitschko to Zelensky. A selection of jokes politicians for 2020

Friends, in these holidays, I want to give you a good mood.

The anti-Semitic scandal with Prytula, the demolition of the monument to Catherine II, the arrival of the IMF mission in Ukraine: the main things for November 13

Klymenko Time collected 4 most important events that took place on Friday, November 13

Sergey Prytula got into another scandal - #102 Gleb and circuses

Sergei Pritula, who flew in the mayoral elections in Kyiv, got into an anti-Semitic scandal.