NSDC sanctions

No weapons, no facts of involvement in the DRG: what law enforcement officers found during searches in the temples of the UOC

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church claims that there is no evidence of anti-state activity, but nevertheless, about a dozen clergy fell under the NSDC sanctions.

The family of Putin and Lavrov, as well as Medvedchuk and Kiva: who else is on the new NSDC sanctions list?

About four thousand Russian companies and citizens, including high-ranking politicians, oligarchs, representatives of show business and collaborators, fell under the restrictions of the Security Council.

Zelensky imposed sanctions on 606 Russians: who is on the sanctions list this time

Among the listed sanctions, everything is according to the standard: blocking of assets, cancellation of licenses, prohibition of participation in privatization and leasing of state property.

"Iron Curtain" in Ukrainian: will Russians be denied entry to Ukraine for 50 years?

Most likely, they will be limited to the visa regime and the next package of sanctions against individuals and legal entities from the Russian Federation, although we will not be surprised at anything.

Zelensky imposes sanctions against those who helped him become president

TV presenter Max Nazarov said that all those who helped Zelensky are now personal enemies of the president

The National Security and Defense Council banned the Nash TV channel. Muraev threatened Zelensky

Kharkiv was "stormed" with rallies today.

They want to add NASH TV channel to the sanctions list: SBU prepares documents

Danilov is already rubbing his hands

Politicians have ended, designers have gone into action: who is included in the new NSDC sanctions list

One of the biggest surprises of the new sanctions was the popular Russian designer Artemy Lebedev in Ukraine.

“This is how I read the law”: Danilov told on what grounds sanctions are imposed against citizens of Ukraine

The journalist asked Danilov a painful question for many and received an unexpected answer

Sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council against smugglers did not lead to an increase in revenues from customs - Finance Minister Marchenko

Whereas the president stated that, on the contrary, there was more money. Mishі z'їli?

“They sold for $100-300 thousand”: Arakhamia told how the NSDC sanctions lists were formed

We alone think that this is the basis for opening a criminal case and reviewing the sanctions?

The National Security and Defense Council has published a list of "pro-Russian" channels: Klymenko Time is in first place

We thank you for your high assessment of our work, but we will allow ourselves to disagree with it.

Uncontrolled decrees of the National Security and Defense Council. Why decisions of the Security Council can neither be appealed nor monitored. Exclusive Klymenko Time

Let's figure out what's wrong with the sensational "conveyor" of the National Security and Defense Council.

Oleksiy Danilov: unfortunate patriotism and lawlessness of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

Some facts from the life of the "bloody veterinarian"

Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. The authorities are preparing a new attack on the opposition media

Ukrainian TV channels closed without trial or investigation are going to be completely "erased" from the Ukrainian media space.

Sanctions fever: how on the eve of Independence Day the “wrong” media closed their mouths

Only patriotic and conscious media should cover such an important event as the 30th anniversary of Ukraine

Sanctions were imposed on a Kiev woman by mistake, mistaking her for a namesake from Crimea: this happened for the second time

The Foreign Ministry is very inattentive in checking their lists

Sanctions against Medvedchuk were prepared in the summer of 2019 - Danilyuk

As soon as Zelensky came to power.

Bankova prepares NSDC agenda: Poroshenko and political scientists demand to raise the issue of lockdown instead of smuggling from Donbass

At the Office of the President, he forms the agenda for the next meeting of the National Security and Defense Council. What will be the theme this time?

Ban the “Russian world”: Zelensky’s team is stepping on the rake of ex-president Poroshenko

They want to submit a bill to the parliamentary hall, which provides for responsibility for the promotion of a “dangerous” ideology in Ukraine